Replacement buses

Has the train been replaced by a bus?

Here you can find information about the stops for the replacement buses and what to do if the train service is replaced by a bus and you need accessibility services.

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Trains will be replaced by buses on the following routes


Kupittaa-Turku-Turku Port


What if the train has been replaced by a bus?

Baggage and pets on replacement buses

  • Replacement buses have limited space for baggage. Unfortunately, bikes cannot be taken on replacement buses.
  • The safety belts on buses may not be suitable for safety seats for children.
  • Pets can travel with their owners on replacement buses.
  • Guide dogs, assistance and hearing dogs may travel free of charge.
Baggage on trains

Services for disabled passengers in disruption situations

  • Due to track work, we occasionally need to replace trains with buses that are not accessible.
  • If you use a wheelchair, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you in the following situations:

    • If the replacement bus service is unexpected and it has been possible to buy a wheelchair space on the service.
    • If you have already purchased a train ticket for a wheelchair space but the train does not have a service car.
    • If there is a failure in the train during the journey and the replacement train is not accessible.
    • If the accessible toilet of the train fails.
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