All long-distance and commuter traffic day trains will be cancelled on 14 December due to the politi

12 midnight to 11:59 p.m. due to the political strike. The strike will not affect night trains, which will run normally.

Automatic compensation for single tickets 

We will automatically refund the price of single tickets for long-distance and commuter traffic cancelled due to the strike to customers within approximately one week, to the same payment method used to purchase the ticket. 

We will also refund the place reservations of multi-tickets to customers and extend the validity period of season tickets for long-distance and commuter traffic by one day. The validity period of multi-tickets purchased while logged in will also be extended by one day. These do not require any action from the users of the tickets. 

If the train tickets have been purchased as paper tickets without logging in from a ticket vending machine or R-kioski, for example, the compensation cannot be paid automatically. In that case, you can apply for compensation, Opens in a new tab for the tickets. 

If the outward journey of a return ticket falls on Thursday, you can apply for compensation for the unused return journey using the compensation form, Opens in a new tab

Aim to return to normal traffic on Friday 

We aim to operate as normally as possible on Friday according to timetables. After the strike has ended, train traffic may still be subject to individual changes on the next day due to exceptional arrangements related to the start of the service.  

You can check the status of your own long-distance service in the trip search, Opens in a new tab at For other exceptions, you can find up-to-date information on VR’s train traffic info page, Opens in a new tab at 

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