VR prepares for possible strike in the railway sector starting 20 Mar

The overtime and shift change ban for train drivers may cause changes or cancellations in the train trips of VR's customers as of 1 March. The strike warning targeting the railway sector would, if implemented, stop train traffic from 20 March onwards. The strike has not yet been confirmed and passengers do not need to change their train tickets at this stage.

Updated 14.3.2023

Railway Union Finland RAU has announced an overtime and shift change ban for train drivers as of 1 March, which may cause cancellations and delays in long-distance, commuter and freight train traffic. In addition, RAU has issued a strike warning, which, if implemented, could stop train traffic from 20 March onwards.

“Negotiations between the Service Sector Employers Palta and RAU continue. Of course, we hope that a solution can be found before the start of a possible strike, since it would affect the daily lives and holiday plans of so many passengers, as well as the transport of goods,” says Laura Ansaharju, SVP, People and Culture at VR.

Overtime and shift change ban in force as of 1 March

We will do our best to operate all train services as usual or to replace any cancelled long-distance train services with buses. However, it is possible that we will have to cancel some train services and that replacement transport will be unable to be arranged. If your train service is cancelled, you can apply for compensation for train tickets at, Opens in a new tab.

Possible strike from 20 March onwards

In the strikes are carried out, we will unfortunately have to cancel all long-distance and commuter trains. Freight traffic trains would also be cancelled, with a few exceptions. In the event of a strike, we will inform you of the possibility to change or cancel your tickets.

We will monitor the situation and instruct our customers as it becomes clearer. Up-to-date information on exceptions to train traffic can always be checked in real time at, Opens in a new tab.

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