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We move from compulsory face mask use to a mask recommendation on 25 Oct

As the society opens up and restrictions are being lifted, we've decided to move from compulsory face mask use to a mask recommendation on all VR's long-distance and commuter (D-, G-, M-, R-, T- and Z-trains) trains from today Oct 25 2021 onwards. We still advise all passengers to wear a face mask during their journey.

The compulsory use of face masks on VR's trains, valid from March 2021, if being lifted on 25 Oct 2021. After this passengers can decide whether or not to wear a mask when they travel on the train. However, VR still recommends mask use during your journey. The staff working on the train continues the use of face masks during this period. The mention of of face mask use being compulsory will be removed from our travel terms with a delay.

As the compulsory use of masks subsides, the same also applies to Ekstra class, where the price of a ticket will no longer include a mask. The Ekstra class ticket will still include an empty seat next to you. You can get more privacy and room for your journey by booking a cabin for 2-6 persons or booking an empty seat next to yours.

The compulsory face mask use will change to a mask recommendation on both VR's and HSL's trains at the same time.

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