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Passenger capacity on VR's long-distance trains halved in Southwest Finland from March 25

No changes or cancellations are needed for tickets booked.

The passenger capacity on VR's long-distance trains will be limited to half from the usual in Southwest Finland on Mar 25 - April 23 due to regulations set by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. The new limitations do not affect journeys already booked, and passengers don't need to make any changes or cancellations to their tickets. The capacity limitations will be implemented straight into our online services, which prevents the possibility for overbooking.

The limitations do not apply to cabins and compartments, as they are always booked for private use or a private travel party. The full passenger capacity includes room for passengers who travel standing, and therefore the halved capacity still allows more than half of the seats being occupied on a single day train.

Tickets for travel in Southwest Finland can be bought without worries, as there is currently plenty of room onboard the trains. We are doing everything we can to make train travel as safe as possible.

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