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VR’s commuter train conductors will be entitled to impose a penalty fare

Starting from the beginning of February, commuter train conductors will be entitled to impose a penalty fare on passengers travelling without a valid and appropriate ticket. This change applies to the VR commuter traffic trains - trains D, G, M, R, T, Z. The penalty fare is EUR 80.

In order to impose a penalty fare, the commuter train conductors will ask the passenger to present their proof of identity. If the passenger does not have their proof of identity with them, the passenger may provide the requested information in writing or verbally. The penalty fare invoice will be sent to the passenger on the basis on the information provided. Our cooperation partner Uuva Oy is in charge of sending out the penalty fare invoices.

A passenger who has been given a penalty fare may continue their train journey by purchasing a ticket. However, purchasing a ticket does not cancel the penalty fare.

If the passenger does not wish to provide their information or purchase a ticket after being given a penalty fare, they may be removed from the train at the next station.

HSL ticket inspectors will continue to inspect tickets on HSL commuter trains.

Make sure your trip goes smoothly by purchasing a valid ticket before your journey begins.

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