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Some trains don't stop at Jorvas station

Some U, L and X trains don't stop at Jorvas station at the moment.

The train station platforms are shorter than normally due to ongoing renovation by The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. It's not possible to open all the doors of the longer, two-section trains at the station.

When a conductor is onboard the train, the doors of the back section will be closed during the stop at Jorvas. Passengers can exit only from the the first section. It is not possible to move between the two sections inside the train. If you are getting off at Jorvas station, make sure you travel in the first section of the train, nearer the locomotive.

Even though we aim to have a conductor onboard as many U, L and X trains as possible, some trains will operate without one. In that case, trains will pass Jorvas without stopping to make sure passengers won’t exit the train to the construction area outside the platform.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will build a temporary extension to the platfrom within two weeks. After that we will be able to stop normally at Jorvas. We will make announcements in the train about these temporary arrangements on all U, L and X trains. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

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