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Rail work on the Coastal Railway line is prolonged

10–25 minutes of delays for long-distance trains, high-speed morning and afternoon train services temporarily unavailable.

The track work commissioned by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency on the Coastal Railway line will last longer than expected, and this affects long-distance rail traffic between Helsinki and Turku. Due to speed limits in place during the track work, long-distance trains sometimes run 10 to 25 minutes behind schedule. In addition, the morning and afternoon high-speed train services between Helsinki and Turku are currently unavailable. Local rail traffic is running normally. 

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has commissioned track work on the Helsinki–Turku coastal line, which is why it is not possible for trains to run at normal speed along the route. Because the speed restrictions are in effect for longer than expected, customers must be prepared for delays of 10 to 25 minutes on long-distance trains between Helsinki and Turku.

In addition, the fast morning and afternoon train services between Helsinki and Turku are cancelled for the time being. The purpose of the early cancellation is to minimise the impact of the railway works on rail traffic and to ensure that switching connections remain as smooth as possible. On weekdays, there have been two fast train services which stop only in Pasila and Kupittaa in addition to Helsinki and Turku: From Turku to Helsinki at 07:05 and from Helsinki to Turku at 16:06 (S 975 and S 976).

We will do our best to communicate with all customers who have purchased a ticket between Helsinki and Turku or to intermediate stations for the next few weeks. In the case of ticket changes, customers can also contact our customer services directly, tel. +358 800 166 88 (Mon-Fri 5 am to 10 pm, free of charge). 

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