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New safety measures on trains

VR recommends passengers wear face masks in line with the official recommendation.

VR strongly recommends the use of face masks in commuter and long-distance traffic. However, face masks are not obligatory and passengers are permitted to travel without a face mask. VR continues to sell face masks to passengers on long-distance trains. A face mask that covers the mouth and nose costs EUR 3.00 and can be purchased from conductors on long-distance trains or at the VR service points in Helsinki and Tampere before a journey.

In its new guidelines, THL recommends the use of face masks on public transport where close contact cannot always be avoided. The recommendation applies to hospital districts that have reported coronavirus infections over the past two weeks.     VR’s face mask recommendation covers all train journeys in commuter and long-distance traffic. This is because trains can have passengers who have boarded in different districts in Finland. In order to make the recommendation clear and protect all our passengers as effectively as possible, we extended the recommendation to cover all train passengers.   We hope that as many passengers as possible wear a face mask. However, we also understand that wearing a face mask is not always possible; for example, due to health-related reasons. As this is a recommendation, we do not require passengers to wear face masks. Our conductors will instruct passengers on the train, as needed, and remind those travelling without a face mask of the new recommendation.

We have taken a range of safety measures to improve the safety of our passengers and personnel. Read more about our safety measures at:

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