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More train services to facilitate remote workers’ return to offices in August

Tickets for the autumn available on 14 July.

In August, when commuting picks up, we will take another step towards the normal situation by adding train services in both long-distance and commuter traffic as of 10 August. Tickets for the autumn will become available on Tuesday, 14 July. We will add more train services as the Government’s remote work recommendation ends. Starting from 14 July, day train tickets through 24 October and night train and car-carrier tickets through 12 December will become available for purchase.

At the beginning of August, the summer’s track work will also end and commuter traffic timetables will return to normal. For instance, the R, D, T and Z commuter trains return to normal intervals as of 10 August when the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s bridge work in Pukinmäki ends. Traffic on the G line between Riihimäki and Lahti will also return to normal starting from 10 August.

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