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Welcome, new commuter trains!

We will procure 20 new commuter trains with premium travel comfort and energy efficiency. The first new commuter trains will begin operating in spring 2026.

Mockup picture of the new commuter train at the Helsinki railway station.

VR has listened to the wishes of passengers and train personnel in the planning of the new commuter trains. The interiors of the trains can be customised as needed: for example, the number of bike spaces can be increased for the summer.

The new commuter trains will have seats with tables, so it will be easy to, for example, work on a laptop during the train journey. In addition, the trains will have a wireless internet connection and charging outlets at all seats.

The seats with a desk make working onboard the train easy. Mockup image.

The structure of the trains allows the interior to be modified as needed. Mockup image.

The new commuter trains are 50% more energy-efficient than VR’s existing commuter traffic rolling stock. They will begin operating on commuter traffic routes in spring 2026. The new trains will operate on lines D, R, T, Z and M.

The contract includes the option of ordering 50 more trains. If there is sufficient demand, these new commuter trains may also be seen on other routes in the future, as well.

The interior of the new commuter trains is fresh and stylish. Electric plugs found at each seat make travelling more comfortable. Mockup image.

The new commuter trains combine sustainability, Finnish design and Swiss engineering. Stadler has already delivered more than 2,500 FLIRT trains around the world, and the experiences from Finland in the HSL commuter traffic in the capital region are also positive. The train technology is reliable and has proven to be of high quality.

This page contains the first illustrations of the new commuter trains. VR’s employees and passengers can still influence the development and final design elements of the trains. Many things may still change, you can see and experience the final result in spring 2026!

Mockup image of the appearance of the new commuter train, which will be seen in traffic from spring 2026.

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