Long-distance train traffic to continue almost normally

Last week, we stated that ski holiday traffic will start almost normally, but individual cancellations may still occur. The situation will continue in the same way, that is, we will continue to cancel individual trains in the coming weeks until the repairs to the train fleet have been completed.

The repairs to the train fleet are a result of the track damage that occurred last week, due to which it has not been possible to carry out all the maintenance and repairs of the train fleet according to the normal schedule.

Information on cancelled train services or trains replaced by buses can be found on the Train Traffic at the Moment page. Customers for whom we find a replacement train service will receive a new seat reservation for the replacement train service by email or through the app. Those customers whose train has been replaced by a bus can travel on the replacement bus by using their original train ticket.

If you want to cancel your journey, you can use the refund form to reclaim the unused ticket price. If these options are not possible, please contact our customer service.

It is not possible to buy a ticket for a train marked "Not Available" in, Opens in a new tab and the VR Matkalla app. The train may be sold out or it may have been cancelled. You can check the cancelled trains on the Train Traffic at the Moment page.

We extend the validity of season and multi-tickets by 21 days for customers whose season or multi-ticket has been valid on 22.2.2024 and whose departure or destination station is Tesoma, Nokia, Karkku, Vammala, Kokemäki, Harjavalta or Pori.

The replacement buses fall on the following routes:



Individual cancellations will occur, for example, on the following routes:




Updated on Thursday 22.2.2024: Added information about the extension of the validity of season and multi-tickets between Tampere and Pori.

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