COVID-19 passports to be introduced for restaurant cars

VR will introduce COVID-19 passports for all restaurant cars on Sunday, 28 November.

Koronapassi käyttöön ravintolavaunuissa

Due to the worsening epidemic situation and the new guidelines issued by the authorities, the COVID-19 passport will be introduced for the restaurant cars of long-distance trains on Sunday 28 November. You may still board a train without a COVID-19 passport. A COVID-19 passport is required of customers visiting a restaurant car, but you can order restaurant car products to your seat without a COVID-19 passport.

COVID-19 passports will be checked at the restaurant car cash register from all customers over the age of 16. The COVID-19 passport will required until further notice. Train staff will check the COVID-19 passport with a mobile device that has the COVID-19 Certificate Reader app approved by the National Institute for Health and Welfare. The COVID-19 Certificate Reader does not collect or store any certificate data.

The COVID-19 passport is not required on train services that have a sales trolley instead of a restaurant car. You can buy all the other products except alcohol from a sales trolley.

During the coronavirus pandemic, trains have remained a safe mode of transport. VR will continue to implement safety measures, such as enhanced cleaning and provision of hand sanitiser. Wherever possible, we always operate spacious cars. We also strongly recommend wearing a face mask on our trains and the train personnel always wear face masks.

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