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Delays in night train services

Lowered speed limit causes delays in night train services.

There will be delays in night train services until April 8th due to a lowered speed limit. The following night trains will be delayed by 1-3 hours:

- P 269 Helsinki - Kolari at 20:28

- IC 273 Helsinki - Rovaniemi at 23:13

- IC 266 Rovaniemi - Helsinki at 17:45

- P 272 Kolari - Helsinki at 18:08

- P 264 Rovaniemi - Helsinki at 16:46 on 7th April

- IC 265 Helsinki - Kemijärvi at 18:49 on 3rd April and 7th April

- IC 274 Kemijärvi - Helsinki at 19:15 on 3rd April and 8th April

Passengers are requested to be prepared to longer journey time than normally. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delays.

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