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Cutting back on our services

From 15 March 2021, we will be cutting back on our services due to low demand.

From March 15, 2021, we will further reduce services due to low demand. Once demand picks up, we will resume all suspended services promptly. The cancellations do not apply to night train services, railbus services or the regional transport of Southern Finland.

The cancelled services will be displayed on the VR Matkalla app and at and ticket vending machines as closed services you cannot purchase tickets for. You can always find reliable information about the timetables for your route through the trip search.

The reduced train departures starting from March 15:

  • S 69 Helsinki-Kajaani klo 15:19–22:19 (Mon-Fri)
  • S 64 Kajaani-Helsinki klo 6:33 – 12:40 (Tue-Sun)

The reduced train departures starting from March 28:

  • IC 149 Helsinki-Jyväskylä klo 19:03-22:43 (Fri)
  • IC 140 Jyväskylä-Helsinki klo 6:17-9:54 (Sat)
  • IC 151 Helsinki-Jyväskylä klo 15:03-18:33 (Mon-Thu)
  • IC 150 Jyväskylä-Helsinki klo 7:19-10:35 (Tue-Fri)
  • IC 73 Helsinki-Kuopio klo 19:19-23:25 (Sat)
  • IC 74 Kuopio-Helsinki klo 8:26-12:40 (Sun)
  • IC 828 Oulu-Seinäjoki klo 18:08-20:41 (Sun)
  • IC 829 Seinäjoki-Oulu klo 21:29-0:16 (Sun)
  • S 41 Helsinki-Vaasa klo 7:23-11:07 (Sat)
  • S 447 Seinäjoki-Vaasa klo 19:27-20:17 (Fri)
  • S 444 Vaasa-Seinäjoki klo 11:37-12:32 (Sun)
  • S 44 Vaasa-Helsinki klo 6:44-10:54 (Sat)
  • IC 946 Turku-Helsinki klo 7:29-9:25 (Fri)
  • IC 955 Helsinki-Turku klo 13:36-15:34 (Sat)
  • IC 947 Helsinki-Turku klo 9:36-11:34 (Sat)
  • IC 954 Turku-Helsinki klo 11:25-13:23 (Sun)

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