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Working on the train

Why not start the day comfortably on a train?

Make use of your time on board and start or end your work day comfortably on the train. The train offers you some time for yourself as well as a peaceful start or end to your day. Our wide range of flexible tickets guarantees that you can find a solution that suits your situation.

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A variety of spaces for working

Whether you work alone or in a group, we've got you covered. Is your choice the quiet Ekstra Class, a private compartment or a conference cabin?


Ekstra Class provides an excellent setting for quiet work. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down in a comfortable seat, and your journey will go by very quickly.

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A compartment for 2, 4 or 6 people ensures a peaceful and private work environment. When you book a seat in a compartment, you will reserve the entire compartment.

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Conference cabin

Have a meeting for up to 12 people in your private conference cabin, which is equipped with, for example, two screens and handy tables.

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Pay your ticket with Edenred, Epassi and Smartum

Use your commuting benefit

With the Epassi, Edenred or Smartum commuting benefit, you can pay for single, multi- and season tickets in the VR Matkalla app. You can use the ticket for traveling for work and on free time.

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Season ticket, multi-ticket or single ticket?

Compare the various ticket types to find the option to suit your needs.

Season ticket

A season ticket is an excellent choice when you travel by train every weekday. You can choose the validity of the ticket according to your needs.

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A multi-ticket is a great choice when you travel the same route regularly. You can choose the number of journeys for the multi-ticket to meet your travel needs.

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Single ticket

A single ticket is a flexible choice when you travel occasionally and on different routes. A single ticket is purchased separately for each journey.

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Pendelöinnistä tuli Jussille arkea

Kokeilu kannatti

Jopa 2000 suomalaista pendelöi junalla Tampereelta Helsinkiin päivittäin. Yksi heistä on tamperelainen Jussi. Lue tästä, miten pendelöinti sujuu hänen mielestään ja mikä siinä on parasta.

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Business travel by train is profitable for companies

What if your company’s business trips were made by train? The train is a carbon-neutral and fast option that is more affordable than business travel by car. Read more on our Business Services page.

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