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Work on the train

Work or relax on the train – your choice

Do you travel long distances for work? Forget about driving and sitting in traffic jams—make the train your mobile remote office. Business travel by train is convenient and environmentally friendly. Our trains offer a calming space for you to take a breath, get ready for your day at work and then collect your thoughts when returning home.

InterCity and Pendolino trains and railbuses have free wi-fi.

Quiet working in trains

Trains are a peaceful place to work. If you want a quieter place, book yourself a seat in the compartment for 2–4 persons on an InterCity train. The upstairs of the restaurant car and Ekstra Class will also add comfort to your journey.

Multi-ticket and season ticket

Do you travel the same route regularly? Check out our multi-tickets for commuter and long-distance travel and also season tickets for long-distance travel.

Employer-subsidised commuter ticket pays off

Train travel saves time and is good for the environment

Travelling by train is a cost-efficient and sustainable choice. For companies, business travel by train is always less expensive than kilometre allowances paid for the use of employees’ own cars. The average cost of train travel is 11 cents per kilometre. The kilometre allowance for car travel is 43 cents per kilometre.

Sending those final emails for the day from the train on your way home helps you to end your working day more flexibly. This frees up more time for your hobbies, family, friends and relaxation.

VR’s commuter vouchers

You may cover all or part of an employer-subsidized public transport ticket’s cost with a commuter voucher that an employer has purchased. When travelling with us, a season ticket functions as an employer-subsidized public transport ticket.

Commuter vouchers can be purchased at our service points at the stations and VR's group sales.

More info on vouchers

Check the train timetables

Changes and exceptions

You can check train timetables and any disruption situations on the Rail Services Updates page and on the Live Train Map service.

Check train timetables

Meetings and group journeys

If you’re travelling as a group, you can book an InterCity train cabinet for up to 12 passengers or a conference compartment on a Pendolino train for 2–6 people. For larger groups, we can book an entire coach or even a train with a customised timetable.

Group services