Sales trolley

Snacks and drinks from straight to your seat

Tasty provisions from sales trolleys

In some of the long-distance trains, restaurant cars are replaced by sales trolleys. The sales trolley visits the coaches and offers a diverse range of snacks for your journey. The selection includes tasty breakfast and sweet and savoury snacks. The sales trolleys are open for the whole train trip.

The sales trolley only accepts payment with all Finnish and international payment cards.

Which trains have a sales trolley?

Trains with sales trolleys travel on several routes

Most of these routes also have trains with a restaurant car. All the trains with sales trolley are IC trains. Pendolino and night trains always have a restaurant car. Railbuses have no restaurant services. You can check from the trip search if the train you selected has a restaurant car or a sales trolley. 

Did you know that the entire train with a sales trolley is licensed for alcohol consumption?

The entire train with a sales trolley is licensed. This means that you can enjoy the wine or beer you buy from the sales trolley at your own seat. 

Please note that if the train has a restaurant car, only the restaurant car is licensed. You may not take alcoholic beverages from the restaurant car to your own seat.

Sales trolley menu

Breakfast, snacks and cold and hot drinks. The sales trolley selection offers treats for all tastes. Trolley goods can be purchased with a card.

Delicious filled sandwiches and small savoury snacks


Sweet and savoury delicacy

Coffee and tea

Cold drinks

Beer, wine and cider

More information about allergens

You can get more information about allergens of the restaurant car products from the staff during your journey or in advance from customer service.

Read the Oiva reports regarding our restaurant services.
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