Arvonnan säännöt


1. Organiser

Organized by VR Group Plc (VR), hereinafter ”the Organiser”.

2. Participation in and eligibility for the draw

The draw is open to all natural persons resident in Finland, except for the staff of VR Group and their family members as well as employees of the companies involved in the competition arrangements. Survey-related draws are open to all natural persons who have replied to VR Group’s surveys, with the limitations explained above.

3. Participation method

Participation requires filling out a contact information form. The Organiser is not liable for unreceived or illegible participation information.

4. Participation period

The participation period has been defined in connection with the draw. Registrations received after the participation deadline will not be accepted.

5. Prize

The Organiser arranges a draw between all the participants for the prize indicated in connection with the draw. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other material or immaterial commodity.

6. Selecting the winner and accepting the prize.

The winner will be drawn within two months after the end of the participation period. The win is personal and the winner will be informed of it personally. If the winner is not reached within one week after the draw, the Organiser has the right to choose another winner. The prize will be delivered to the address indicated by the winner.

7. Taxes

The Organiser is responsible for the lottery taxes of the prizes. The winner is responsible for all other costs related to accepting and implementing the win.

8. Organiser’s responsibility and processing of personal data

Personal data are processed in a manner stated in the Data Protection Notice, Opens in a new tab. Personal data will not be used for direct marketing or disclosed for use by outsiders. These rules apply to all participants. By participating in the draw, participants commit to following these rules and the Organiser’s decisions. Any unclarities connected with the application and interpretation of these rules are settled by the Organiser, who also reserves the right to change the rules. In case of surveys or draws published in social media, the social media platform involved (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) does not participate in the draw (sponsor, recommend, manage or be responsible for the draw).