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Restaurant car favourites at your seat

Delicious food to your seat on a day train

Select one of our meal deals (A–D), order by SMS and enjoy at your seat. Note. restaurant cars and this service are temporarily closed due to the corona situation 8.3. from.

You can now order tasty restaurant car products to your sleeper cabin on a night train. How about a French breakfast in bed? You pay for the dishes using a payment card.
How to order

The service’s menu and price list on day trains


Club sandwich (L) and spring water

Option A. A hearty and delicious sandwich that will satisfy your hunger. Includes a half-a-litre bottle of spring water.


Restaurant car brunch

Option B. Includes delicious rye bread with cheese (L), orange juice (vegan, G) and natural yoghurt with berry granola (L).


Meatballs (L,G) and spring water

Option C. Meatballs and mashed potatoes is an old favourite restaurant car meal. Includes a half-a-litre bottle of spring water.


Tomato and pesto pasta (L) and spring water

Option D. Tomato and pesto pasta is a rich and delicious pasta dish. Includes a half-a-litre bottle of spring water.

How to order to your seat on a day train

  • Listen for the phone number announced on board the train and write it down. You can order a meal at your seat from the announced number.
  • When you order, please use the letter for the meal deal (A–D).
  • Check your seat details on your ticket and send the message to the number you hear announced.
  • Send the message in the following form: TRAIN NUMBER space SEAT OR SLEEPING BERTH NUMBER space COACH NUMBER space YOUR ORDER.
  • If you want to order more than one serving of the same meal deal, write the amount as a number in front of the letter. For example, 2B means that you order two restaurant car brunches.
  • You can pay for the order by card at your seat when it is delivered.

The service is available when the restaurant car is open.

Example message:

Yum! I’d like to order two brunches at seat 20 in coach 4 in train IC9.

The message should be like the following example: "IC9 20 4 2B". You will get a confirmation message once we have received your order.

Enjoy delicious food on a night train

In accordance with the Finnish government guidelines concerning the coronavirus situation we will close for the time being our restaurant cars, sales trolleys and restaurant services at the stations.

You can, however enjoy a delicious dinner, light snack, breakfast or brunch safely and comfortably in your cabin. Order the products from the conductor during ticket inspection and we will deliver them to your cabin.

Order your breakfast or brunch no later than at 01:00 the night before. Pay for the products by debit or credit card upon delivery.

Please note that we provide a breakfast service to cabins on northbound trains from Turku. On trains going from the north to Turku, we provide a dinner service to cabins.

Please note that drinks are sold only together with the meals.


Scandinavian breakfast

Start your morning gently with porridge and berries (vegan). Includes orange juice and coffee or tea.


French breakfast

Treat yourself with a croissant (low lactose), jam, orange juice and coffee or tea.


Children’s breakfast

The children’s breakfast is a croissant (low lactose) and a juice box.


Train traveller’s brunch

This hearty brunch consists of a rye bread sandwich with cheese (lactose-free), natural yoghurt with muesli (lactose-free), orange juice and coffee or tea.

The service’s menu and price list on night trains


  • Scandinavian breakfast: Porridge and berries (vegan), orange juice (vegan) and coffee or tea 7,90 €
  • French breakfast: Croissant with jam (low lactose), orange juice (vegan) and coffee or tea 8,30 €
  • Children's breakfast: Croissant (low lactose) and juice 4,50 €
  • Traveller's brunch: Rye bread sandwich with cheese (lactose-free), natural yoghurt with berry muesli (lactose-free), orange juice (vegan) and coffee or tea 12,30 €
  • Gluten free breakfast: Gluten free bun with cheese, orange juice (vegan) and coffee or tea 10,80 €


  • Snack package 1: Croissant (low lactose), Pringles crisps (lactose-free) and a Tupla Maxi chocolate bar 7,50 €
  • Snack package 2: Natural yoghurt with berry muesli (lactose-free), dark chocolate cookie (lactose-free, gluten-free) and a bottle of still water 8,70 €


  • Warm falafel salad (gluten-free, vegan) 8,90 €
  • Meatballs and mashed potatoes (lactose-free, gluten-free) 12,90 €
  • Children’s meatballs (lactose-free, gluten-free) 7,00 €
  • Chicken pesto pasta (lactose-free) 12,50 €
  • Pasta Carbonara (lactose-free) 11,50 €
  • Tomato and pesto pasta (lactose-free) 10,50 €
  • Chicken Caesar salad (lactose-free) 9,90 €