Travel easily by train to summer events – we treat summer travellers to extra services

The train is the easiest method to reach many events in the wonderful Finnish summer. We are adding train services and special-themed trains to the most popular events during the summer. We have also added seasonal stops in Härmä and Hillosensalmi to serve travellers who want to reach the amusement park or the national park. The timetables for long-distance trains until 15 September have now been published in the travel search on and the VR Matkalla app.

Just like last year, you can travel to the midsummer festival on the popular midsummer train between Tampere and Rauma. This year, you can travel both ways on Thursday and Sunday.

The timetables for the Rauma midsummer trains are:

  • Thu 20 June IC647 Tampere–Rauma at 10.59–12.45
  • Thu 20 June IC648 Rauma–Tampere at 13.30–15.21
  • Sun 23 June IC647 Tampere–Rauma at 09.05–11.03
  • Sun 23 June IC648 Rauma–Tampere at 11.55–13.42

In addition to the Rauma midsummer train, other services returning this summer are the seasonal stops at Hillosensalmi near the Repovesi National Park and the Härmä station near Powerpark. Summer stops at these stations allow for a day trip to nature or leisure activities.

Music, sport and an unforgettable travel atmosphere

Every Tuesday in July, the IC3 “opera train” departs from Helsinki, welcoming passengers to enjoy musical performances. We are organising the opera train in collaboration with the Savonlinna Opera Festival

To set the right atmosphere, you can also enjoy the special programme on some of the additional train services during the festival.

Train tickets for these summer events are already available:

Friday 7 June and Sunday 9 June Metallica at Helsinki Olympic Stadium: Sat 8 June and Mon 10 June IC645 Helsinki–Kupittaa at 00.50–2.48 and IC677 Helsinki–Tampere at 00.30–02.23 and Z-train Helsinki–Lahti at 0.50–1.55

710 June Kesärauha in Turku: Mon 10 June IC646 Kupittaa–Helsinki at 01.00–2.52

7–8 June Soundfest in Lahti: Sat 8 June Z-train Lahti–Helsinki 2.10–3.15 and Sun 9.6 Z-train Lahti–Helsinki 2.30–3.35

14–15 June XXL-Mössö in Lahti: Sat 15 June Z-train Lahti–Helsinki at 2.30–3.35, Sunday 16 June Z-train Lahti–Helsinki at 2.30–3.35

15 –16 June Jukolan viesti orienteering competition at Kauhava: extra train stops at Kauhava on Sat 15 June by train IC51 and Sun 16 June by trains IC22, IC24 and IC26.

27–29 June Provinssi at Seinäjoki:

  • Thu, Fri and Sat 27–29 June IC633 Helsinki–Seinäjoki at 11.12–14.54,
  • Fri 28 June IC 634 Seinäjoki–Helsinki at 2.50–6.45,
  • Sat 29 June. IC634 Seinäjoki–Helsinki at 3.15–6.37
  • Sun 30 June IC634 Seinäjoki–Helsinki at 3.00–6.27

Additional train services will be available during MayJune for these events:

  • 5–7 July Ruisrock in Turku (additional train from Turku to Tampere, additional bus services from Turku to Helsinki are being planned)
  • 6–7 July Bryan Adams in Tampere, Tuhdimmat tahdit in Tampere and the Wanaja festival in Hämeenlinna
  • 11–13 July Suomipop festival in Jyväskylä
  • 12–14 July Ilosaarirock in Joensuu
  • Fri 12 July Bruce Springsteen at Helsinki Olympic Stadium
  • 19–20 July Pori Jazz
  • 24–27 July Kotkan meripäivät
  • 27–28 July and 30–31 July Coldplay at Helsinki Olympic Stadium
  • 1–4 August Secto Rally Finland at Jyväskylä
  • 16–17 August Blockfest at Tampere
  • 23–24 August PMMP at Helsinki Olympic Stadium

For many summer events, we are also adding coaches for regular train services. The timetables for long-distance trains until 15 September became available for saleon 25 April in the travel search on and in the VR Matkalla app. Night trains are on sale until 26 October.

Unfortunately, not all additional trains for the summer events are run by an accessible train fleet, but we also run the same routes with accessible trains every day. The exception is the Tampere–Rauma connection, where the platform areas are not accessible. The travel search function on and the VR Matkalla app shows whether there are wheelchair spaces on the train.

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