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Night trains for christmas and spring 2024 available 27 Apr, summer commuter trains May 9

Tickets will be available exceptionally early for long-distance night trains for 10.12.2023–14.4.2024, as the new season is launched for sale on Thu 27 April at 10am.

Due to popular demand, we will release night train tickets for the rest of the spring 2024 on sale, too. Tickets for 31 March to 14 April 2024 will be available 3 May at 10:00.

We've announced earlier the commuter trains for the summer period 19 June–13 Aug will be published for sale on 3 May, however, the release will be postponed to 9 May at 10:00. We apologise for the delay.

Some changes may apply to the timetables during the season due to eg. track work.

Article edited 2 May at 2:30 pm

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