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Email address will be used for logging in to our services

Logging in to our services will change at the beginning of 2021. After the change, you can no longer log in with your Veturi customer number.

If you haven’t changed your username yourself, we’ll change it for you in the beginning of 2021. We recommend that you change your username into your email address already now. It is easy to remember and makes logging in simple. From now on, the same username can be used for logging in to and the VR Matkalla app.

If you are still using your Veturi customer number to log in, do this:

  1. Log in to the old online shop here.
  2. Choose the My information tab. Check the “I want to change my email address to be my username” box.
  3. Confirm the change and save.
  4. After this, your email address will be your username for logging in to our services.

If you have problems logging in, call our customer support tel. 0800 166 888

  • Service hours: during weekdays 5–22, Sat-Sun 7-22
  • Calls are free of charge

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