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From 11 January 2021, we will be cutting back on our services due to low demand

The new COVID-19 restrictions have reduced train travel. As a result, we are cutting back on our services due to low demand, starting from 11 January 2021. Once demand picks up, we will resume all suspended services promptly, even on one weekday’s notice. The cancellations do not apply to night train services, railbus services or the regional transport of Southern Finland.

The cancellations are mainly focused on Monday to Thursday. The cancelled services will be displayed on the VR Matkalla app and at and ticket vending machines as closed services you cannot purchase tickets for.

The most major long-distance traffic cutbacks will be made between Helsinki and Tampere. After the change, trains on the route will run around every two hours in the mornings and evenings from Monday to Thursday. Commuter trains will fill in for the cancelled services to a partial extent.

The second highest number of cancellations will be made between Tampere and Seinäjoki. Cancellations will also be made between Helsinki and Vaasa. After the change, the gaps between train services will be, at their longest, around six hours in both directions. Train services between Helsinki and Turku as well as Helsinki and Kouvola will also be cut back.

You can always find reliable information about the timetables for your route through the trip search.

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