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What discounts can I get?

You can get a student discount on train tickets for long-distance traffic and VR’s commuter traffic when you have a student card entitling you to a discount. NB: You must have your picture, the newest year tag and VR logo on your student card.

At ticket inspection, please present the document entitling you to a discount.

Long-distance train tickets -30%

You get a 30% student discount on basic tickets, saver tickets and berth tickets for long-distance trains and multi-tickets for 10 and 30 journeys.

VR’s commuter traffic tickets -50%

You get a 50% student discount on single tickets for commuter traffic and on multi-tickets for 10 journeys.

How to get a student discount

You may be eligible for a student discount if

  • You are a full-time student.
  • You are studying in Finland in a university, college, university of applied sciences, vocational institution, vocational special education institution, general upper secondary school, optional tenth grade or additional ninth grade studies under public supervision.
  • You are studying abroad and you receive student financial aid from Finland: you need temporary certification from VR to confirm your student discount eligibility. The certificate must be stamped by the educational institution and signed by the institution’s representative.

To obtain your student card and information on its eligibility, contact your student association. You can also use a temporary certificate of student status if you have not received your student card yet. Temporary certificates of student status are valid for three months. When travelling, please present the original version of the temporary certificate, marked with a school stamp and a representative's signature, to the conductor on the train.

Download a temporary certificate of student status (PDF)

Holders of the following student cards are eligible for discounts

  • Pivo student card, Pivo’s blue cards, i.e. student cards of university/university of applied sciences students, and yellow cards, i.e. student cards of vocational students equipped with the VR logo. Green cards, i.e. graduate student cards and pink cards entitling to a meal subsidy do not entitle to the VR discount.
  • Frank digital student cards
  • Frank student cards
  • National Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI ry) student card
  • Finlands Gymnasistförbund (FGF) student card
  • Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi – OSKU ry AMIS card
  • Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi – OSKU ry Pivo card
  • Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi – OSKU ry (older format)
  • National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) card
  • Finnish Defence Forces photo identity card for cadets 
  • Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund FSS rf student card
  • Matkahuolto student card
  • AMK student card
  • Slice mobile student card Higher education
  • Slice mobile student card Upper secondary education
  • Tuudo student identifier

Holders of the following student cards are not eligible for VR student discounts

  • ISIC cards
  • Other international student cards
  • Green student cards for graduate and postgraduate students (SYL, SAMOK, OSKU, SKOL, TERHOL) 

Students travel near and far at affordable prices

Helsinki – Joensuu

Basic ticket
Student price starting from
Buy ticket

Tampere – Helsinki

Basic ticket
Student price starting from
Buy ticket

Jyväskylä – Tampere

Basic ticket
Student price starting from
Buy ticket