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Pensioner discount

What discounts can I get?

You get a pensioner discount on train tickets for long-distance traffic and VR’s commuter traffic if you are a pensioner or at least 65 years old.

At ticket inspection, please present the document entitling you to a discount.

Tickets for long-distance -20%

You get a 20% pensioner discount on single and multi tickets for long-distance traffic. No discounts are applicable to night train cabins.

Pensioners are playing chess on a long-distance train.

VR’s commuter traffic tickets -50%

You get a 50% pensioner discount on single and multi tickets for commuter traffic.

A commuter train arrives at the platform, and passengers are standing on the platform waiting to board the train.

How to get a pensioner discount

When you search and buy tickets at or the VR Matkalla app, remember to change the passenger type from adult to pensioner in the trip search. We'll then show you the discounted pensioner ticket prices.

If you are at least 65 years old

All you need to do is present to the ticket inspector on the train an identity document issued by a police authority. 

  • Personal identity card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • A Kela card with a photo

If you are a pensioner

All you need to do is present one of the following documents to the ticket inspector on the train

  • VR-E card
  • A Kela card with photo and the code “eläkkeensaaja”
  • A card provided for national pension recipients (with no photo)
  • A written certificate issued by Kela stating that you receive national pension
  • An employment pension card or a written pension decision issued by an employee pension company
  • A certificate issued by Kela's Centre for International Affairs stating that you receive pension from some other European country

Part-time pension and partial disability pension do not give the right to pensioner discounts.

No pensioner discount is granted for short trips where the price of an adult ticket is less than € 2.30

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