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Pensioner discount

What discounts can I get?

You get a pensioner discount on train tickets for long-distance traffic and VR’s commuter traffic if you are a pensioner or at least 65 years old.

At ticket inspection, please present the document entitling you to a discount.

Tickets for long-distance -20%

You get a 20% pensioner discount on single ticket for long-distance traffic and on multi-tickets for 10 and 30 journeys. No discounts are applicable to night train cabins.

VR’s commuter traffic tickets -50%

You get a 50% pensioner discount on single tickets for commuter traffic and on multi-tickets for 10 journeys.

How to get a pensioner discount

If you are at least 65 years old

All you need to do is present to the ticket inspector on the train an identity document issued by a police authority. 

  • Personal identity card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • A Kela card with a photo

If you are a pensioner

All you need to do is present one of the following documents to the ticket inspector on the train

  • VR-E card
  • A Kela card with photo and the code “eläkkeensaaja”
  • A card provided for national pension recipients (with no photo)
  • A written certificate issued by Kela stating that you receive national pension
  • An employment pension card or a written pension decision issued by an employee pension company
  • A certificate issued by Kela's Centre for International Affairs stating that you receive pension from some other European country

Part-time pension and partial disability pension do not give the right to pensioner discounts.