Pasila car-carrier station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading

Pasila car-carrier station

Veturitie 19

00240 Helsinki

The station can be accessed via Höyrykatu and Tulistimenkatu. There is no access through Areenakuja to the car train station.

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Waiting room opening hours

Daily at 6-11 and 14.15-23.10

Departures and arrivals



Track trains

Ticket sales

  • Ticket vending machine unavailable
  • No VR service point

Services at the station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading
  • Luggage lockers unavailable


  • Assistance service unavailable
  • Raised platforms, accessible entry onto low-floor train.

Information about the station’s services

Loading vehicles at the Pasila car-carrier station:

  • Please leave some time for arriving as there is a construction site next to the station. There are signs that will show you where to go. Please arrive about 30 minutes before the start of the loading time.
  • Cars are loaded onto the car-carrier at the Pasila car-carrier station, while passengers board the night train at the adjoining Pasila railway station., Opens in a new tab The walking distance is approximately 400 metres.
  • Passengers arriving by night train must get off the train at Pasila station and walk to Pasila car-carrier station to pick up their car.

How to proceed if VR loads the car on your behalf:

  • If VR loads your car, please leave the car keys with the personnel or in the mailbox in front of the station building. Please bring the car and hand over the keys no later than 30 minutes before the loading begins.
  • Print out your ticket and enclose it with the keys. You can also write the ticket details on paper (name, phone number, departure date, train, departure station, destination station, car make and model, and registration number).
  • If you pick up the car from the Pasila car-carrier station, you can pick up the car keys from the personnel during the station waiting room opening hours.

Car-carrier tickets

  • You can reach Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi by travelling in an overnight car-carrier. By taking a car-carrier from one end of Finland to the other, you save time and protect the environment.
  • The car-carrier is often cheaper than driving your own car, and your car's odometer does not go up at all even if you travel from Pasila to Kolari.
  • Read more about car-carriers, Opens in a new tab and loading cars, Opens in a new tab

Please note!

  • The train P 267, which operates during peak seasons, will always leave from the Helsinki Central railway station.

Loading a car with a dog?

Loading a car can be exciting for a dog. You can leave your dog waiting for loading in the Pasila car-carrier station’s new dog waiting room. Loading is easier and the dog can wait for the journey to continue in its own nice doghouse.

Map of Pasila car carrier station

Here you can see the driving route to the car-carrier station as well as the walking route to Pasila station, Tripla shopping center and the night train departure platforms.

  • The distance from the Pasila car-carrier station to the Tripla shopping centre and the night train departure platform is approximately 400 m and takes about 10–15 minutes on foot (the route is marked with a red dotted line on the map).
  • If you want, you can leave the rest of your group and their belongings to spend time in Tripla before the train’s departure while you go and load the car onto the train.