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Train tickets for children

What discounts can I get?

Children travel at affordable prices in both the domestic trains and trains to Russia. The youngest children may travel for free.

Please be prepared to present proof of the child’s age to the ticket inspector.

How to get a discount for a child

Situations in which children get a discount or travel for free

Taking prams on trains

Prams and pushchairs can be taken on trains for free in our domestic long-distance and commuter trains and on trains to Russia. Please fold up the pram if the train is full. Our personnel will help you lift the pram to the train if you need help.

Train travel with children

Train trips are an experience for children. Time flies in the coach with a play area and hunger can be tamed in the restaurant car. Our trains serve the entire family and guarantee a great journey for both children and adults.

A father is reading a book to two children at the play area on a train.