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Upstairs of the restaurant car

Travel in greater comfort

Whether you’re travelling alone or with company, enjoy good food and drinks or work in peace. Upstairs in the restaurant car on InterCity trains you will find even greater comfort.

On domestic long-distance trains, restaurant cars are typically open throughout the journey.

Privacy on single seats

You can adjust the direction and backrest of your single seat. Depending on your preference, you can travel facing the front of the train or, if you prefer, you can turn your seat to face the picture windows and enjoy the scenery as it passes by.

En man äter lunch på restaurangvagnens övre våning och tittar på landskapet.

Make a table reservation

Did you know that you can make a table reservation on board the train? When you reserve a seat upstairs in the restaurant car, you can buy meals and drinks downstairs and enjoy them upstairs in the comfort of your own seat.

Four women are drinking sparkling wine upstairs of a restaurant car.

Making it easier for groups

Would you like to reserve a more peaceful space on the train for a work team, group of friends or your family? The facilities upstairs of the restaurant car, with 4-person tables and a cabinet for 12 persons, are well-suited for various groups.

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