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Train tickets

Train tickets for all occasions – view our ticket offering

Train tickets for destinations near and far

On the train you travel safely, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way, both near and far. The earlier you buy your ticket, the more likely you are to get a ticket for the best possible price.

Which ticket is best for you?

Single ticket

Long-distance traffic

  • Inexpensive train ticket for all long-distance trains.
  • Valid for the journey indicated on the ticket.
  • The price of the single ticket for long distance traffic changes according to date of purchase and travel. The sooner your buy your ticket the better chance you have of getting it at a cheaper price.
  • Children, students, pensioners, and conscripts are eligible for a discount.
  • The single tickets for long-distance traffic have also been known as basic and saver tickets.
  • When you buy your ticket from the VR Matkalla app you can add a HSL single ticket that allows travel on public transport within the capital region.

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Single ticket

VR commuter services

  • A one-way train ticket for VR commuter trains.
  • Valid for two hours on all commuter trains on the selected route.
  • The price is always the same for the selected route.
  • Children, students, pensioners and conscripts are eligible for a discount.
  • When you buy your ticket from the VR Matkalla app you can add a HSL single ticket that allows travel on public transport within the capital region.

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Long-distance traffic & commuter traffic

Select a multi-ticket if you travel the same route regularly

  • Both long-distance and commuter traffic have multi-tickets for 10, 30, 50 and 100 trips
  • Multi tickets for long-distance traffic are valid for 6 months, and for commuter traffic for 4 months

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Season ticket

Long-distance traffic & commuter traffic

  • A season ticket for long-distance or commuter traffic is the best alternative for passengers who regularly travel on trains to go to work or school, for example.
  • The longer the period you purchase, the more you save.
  • Season tickets are personal and cannot be shared.

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Tickets for sleeper cabins

Read more about tickets for sleeper cabins

  • You can book the entire sleeping cabin for you or your group.
  • Cabins for passengers travelling with pets, accessible cabins and cabins with a connecting door between them are available.
  • Tickets are valid for the journey indicated on the ticket.
  • The price is cabin-specific and not dependent on the number of passengers. The price varies depending on the travel time and cabin selected. Book your own cabin starting from EUR 49 and a cabin with a shower starting from EUR 69.
  • The earlier you buy, the better your chances of getting a ticket for the best possible price.

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Taking a car on the train

Read more about car-carrier tickets

  • With a car-carrier, travelling across Finland is safe and relaxing.
  • A car spot starting from €39 and a motorcycle from €29, the price for a sleeper cabin + a car spot can be as inexpensive as €88 (cabin €49 and car €39).
  • Read more about vehicle cancellation insurance

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Interrail Global Pass and One Country Pass

Read about Interrail tickets

  • There are two types of Interrail Passes: the Interrail Global Pass, which covers all Interrail countries, and the country-specific Interrail One Country Pass.
  • Both types of Interrail Passes come in various validity periods and they are sold to young people, adults and senior citizens alike.

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Holiday ticket


  • The personal holiday ticket is available with a 5, 7, 9, 14 or 30-day validity period
  • The ticket allows unlimited travel on VR's long-distance and commuter trains within the Finnish rail network. 
  • The holiday ticket is on sale until Aug 7 and can be used for travel between June 1 – Aug 31 2022.
  • Children, students, pensioners and conscripts get a discount from the ticket.
  • The holiday ticket is available in the VR Matkalla app.

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Change in plans?

You can make changes to single tickets for long-distance trains and to CarTrain-tickets.

Changes for single tickets for long-distance trains

Changes for single tickets of long-distance traffic

  • If you've bought your ticket in the VR Matkalla app or as signed in at, you can make changes to your journey time and date in the app. If you need to make changes to a night train journey with a cabin or car space, please contact our customer support.
  • You can also change your ticket by calling our customer support 0100 3232 (cost 0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc), or by visiting our ticket office at Helsinki, Järvenpää, Hyvinkää or Tampere station.
  • Changes are subject to a charge of €5/ticket.
  • Changes to the itinerary shall be done before the train’s scheduled departure.
  • You can only transfer your journey within the currently sold season; this season will end on Dec 10 2022. The same applies for night trains (other than car packages) which are for sale up to Dec 10 2022.
  • If you change your ticket to a more expensive train service, you need to pay the difference when you make the change. The difference is not refunded as a monetary or price refund when changing to a less expensive train service.
  • Changes made at our station ticket office are further subject to a service charge of €1.

Cancellation of long-distance tickets:

Note. If you bought your ticket through a retailer, please contact it directly if you want to make any changes or cancel the ticket.

More information about changing and cancelling car-carrier tickets is available here


  • Read more about how to make changes to your multi-ticket, cancel a trip, or book a seat on the multi-ticket page.

Note. If you have a multi- or a season ticket for a route between Helsinki–Turku, you can find more information on the effects of the Turku–Kupittaa railway line interruption on your ticket from the station pages of Turku and Kupittaa.

Cancelling a train ticket

You can cancell your ticket by logging in to or the VR Matkalla app, or by using the cancellation form. Cancelled tickets cannot be refunded without the cancellation insurance redeemed at the time of the ticket purchase. The journey must be cancelled before the train’s scheduled departure.

Did you buy a ticket in the wrong direction by accident? Or did you run into a problem while purchasing your ticket? No worries, just contact our customer support who will help you out.

Buy a ticket for your friend

Surprise a friend and buy them a ticket to come over for a visit! You can forward a train ticket to a friend easily with just a few cliks!

Here's how you to forward a ticket to a friend or family member:

  • Buy the ticket as usual from or the VR Matkalla app
  • Open the ticket email
  • Click on the ticket link to open it in the browser. Copy the link address from the browser's address line
  • Send the link, ie. the ticket, to your friend as a text or email
  • Done! Start preparing for a lovely visit

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance gives you peace of mind if your travel plans are not yet fixed. Thanks to cancellation insurance, you can cancel your train ticket or entire cabin and get back the price of your journey if your plans change. Vehicles are covered by their own cancellation insurance.

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No discounts are applicable to night train cabins. Children, students, pensioners and conscripts are eligible for a discount on other long-distance train tickets. Persons travelling with a visually impaired or a disabled person may travel for free with an assistant’s ticket.

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More comfortable journey with additional services

Services subject to a surcharge

Comfortably in Ekstra

Would you rather travel in the spacious and peaceful Ekstra Class?

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Take your pet with you

Travel together with your pet.

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Bring your bike! In long-distance traffic, you can reserve a space for your bike. 

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Vehicles on trains

Transporting a car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle on long-distance trains.

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Meetings and group journeys

Use your travel time efficiently by holding a meeting on board. Perhaps you’re travelling as a sports team, school class or some other group for leisure?

Learn more about services for groups

Free assistant ticket

If you have an illness or injury and you need assistance during your journey, you may be eligible for a free assistant ticket. The assistant must travel the same leg as the assisted person.

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Easy travel with a commuter voucher

With a commuter voucher, journeys between home and work go smoothly. Commuting benefits offered by employers are also available with Epassi, which you can use to easily buy single, multi-, and season tickets.

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Enjoy audio books and e-books

Entertainment for the journey

We are offering our customers a 60-day trial period to the Nextory audio book and e-book service with a catalogue of thousands of stories. You can read and listen to as many books as you want with your phone or tablet.

Redeem the discount

Own compartment or an empty seat next to you

Do you want to travel even more comfortably? Now you can book a 2-, 4- or 6-person cabin for yourself or an empty seat next to you.

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