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Trains to Russia

Train tickets to Russia

Allegro to St. Petersburg

The Allegro train offers you an affordable, top-class ride to the magnificent St. Petersburg in just a couple hours. You can buy tickets for the Allegro train operating between Helsinki and St. Petersburg 90 days before the date of travel. With Allegro, you can also travel to Vyborg.

Tolstoi ticket to Moscow

Tolstoi is an atmospheric night train travelling to Moscow. You can buy tickets for the Tolstoi train 90 days before the date of travel. Tickets from EUR 56 Helsinki–Moscow.

About the Allegro ticket

About the Tolstoi ticket

Travel documents

When travelling to Russia, you need a visa, which you can apply for at travel agencies. You can now get a discount of 10% on tourist visas from Lähialuematkat. The processing of a visa application takes 1–2 weeks. You also need a passport that is valid for six months after your trip. Children must have their own passports.

Two copies of a Russian entry card will be filled in on the train. You must carry the other copy stamped by the Russian border control at all times when staying in Russia.

The visa must be valid when crossing the border. Please remember this especially when travelling with the overnight Tolstoi train which crosses the border on the day following the departure.

How to obtain a visa to Russia

All Finnish citizens need a visa when travelling to Russia. Please obtain the visa well in advance before the trip.

Allegro train services

Allegro train services

Read more about Allegro’s diverse services and make your trip an overall experience!

Tolstoi train to Moscow

Tolstoi train to Moscow

Tolstoi is the only train travelling from Helsinki all the way to Moscow. The train is known for offering excellent services and an authentic Russian night train atmosphere.

Passengers travelling to or from Vainikkala

Vainikkala is an international crossing point. When departing from Vainikkala, you must go through the border and customs checks before boarding the train. Due to the check, you should be at the station 40 minutes before the departure of the train, at the latest. Groups must reserve 50 minutes for the check.

Passengers travelling to or from Vyborg

Border and customs checks for passengers getting off or boarding in Vyborg are performed in the check facilities on the 2nd floor of Vyborg train station. The checks of an individual passenger and small groups take 40 minutes and large groups an hour.

Did you know?

Night train traffic from Helsinki to Leningrad started in 1953. In 1954, night trains ran from Helsinki to Moscow via Leningrad.

Comfort on the train

In 1990, a bar car was introduced in the Moscow train. A saloon car or business class was connected to the train in 1995.