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Tolstoi train to Moscow

Unique Russian night train atmosphere

With the Tolstoi train, you can travel comfortably overnight from Helsinki to Moscow. Border control is performed during the trip and you can exchange currency on the train. Tolstoi is known for its good service and unique Russian night train atmosphere.

Remember to obtain a visa in advance. As VR’s customer, you get a 10% discount on a visa obtained from Lähimatkat.

Basic facilities

  • Restaurant car
  • 2-person (1st Class) and 4-person (2nd Class) sleeper cabins (you can also purchase a cabin for yourself)
  • 1–2-person business class sleeper cabin (air conditioning, own shower and WC)
  • Each cabin has water supply and sockets (not in coach 14)
  • Wi-Fi subject to a charge
  • Toilets  (also accessible toilet)
  • The ticket price includes a small meal or snack set
  • Each car has a designated attendant from whom you can buy coffee, tea, small snacks, etc.
  • Each car has a shower (not in coach 14)

Special facilities


  • Baggage stowed conveniently in your sleeping compartment

Overnight to the cultural heart of Russia

Purchase your train ticket to Russia

The Tolstoi train departs once a day from Helsinki and Moscow. From Finland, you can travel to Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Tver and Moscow.

About tickets to Russia

High-quality business class

Business class sleeper cabins have their own air conditioning, shower and toilet. A bar is located at the end of the business coach. Cabins are for 1–2 people.

Restaurant services on Tolstoi

The Tolstoi night train to Moscow has an atmospheric restaurant car. In addition, you can buy coffee, tea and snacks from the designated train attendant in each coach. The ticket price includes a small meal or snack that you can enjoy in your cabin.

A train is the greenest choice to travel to Moscow

Getting the climate back on track

A train journey from Helsinki to Moscow is much more environmentally friendly than taking a plane, and there is no need to queue at airports.

Did you know?

Tolstoi’s restaurant car has its own kitchen where a cook prepares traditional Russian delicacies from scratch.

Personalised service

Each coach has a designated attendant from whom you can order coffee, tea, small snacks, etc. for an additional charge.