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By train to St. Petersburg

With the stylish Allegro, you can travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in less than 3.5 hours.

Fascinating St. Petersburg

Let St. Petersburg mesmerise you! This trendy and sophisticated metropolis is just a short train trip away. It’s easy to get into the mood already on the way – the Allegro train offers a superior setting for your trip.

Sorry, but we do not currently sell train tickets to Russia because of Covid-19.
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Allegro tickets

You can buy an Allegro ticket 90 days before the trip or just before boarding the train. The earlier you purchase a ticket, the cheaper your journey.

Train tickets

Allegro train to St. Petersburg

  • There are four daily Allegro return services from morning till late evening. Allegro also stops in Pasila, Tikkurila, Lahti, Kouvola, Vainikkala and Vyborg.
  • You can change or cancel tickets six hours before the scheduled departure. The change and cancellation fee is EUR 10/passenger.
  • Please remember that you need to bring with you your passport and visa, which you can obtain in a couple of weeks or even quicker.

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Obtain a visa easily

  • Finns need a visa when they travel to Russia.
  • You can easily obtain a visa from a Finnish travel agency or the Russia Visa Application Service Centre in Helsinki.

How to obtain a visa

A train is the greenest choice to travel to St. Petersburg

Getting the climate back on track

A train journey from Helsinki to St. Petersburg is much more environmentally friendly than taking a plane, and there is no need to queue at airports.

A taste of Russia

The Allegro train has excellent restaurant services. Get in the mood for your journey to St. Petersburg, for example, with bubbly champagne and by tasting Russian favourites, such as pelmeni and borsch. 

Accessible train trip to Russia

You can order assistance service at the Finnish stations of the Allegro and Tolstoi trains and plan your accessible train trip.

What can I take with me on a train to Russia?

Read tips about baggage transport.

Baggage on trains

Group services


Our group sales serves groups of more than nine people. Allegro offers a high-quality setting for leisure travel groups and commuters. You can order food and drinks also in advance through our group Sales.

Contact group sales
Allegro train services

Allegro train services

Read more about Allegro’s diverse services and make your trip an overall experience!

Tolstoi train to Moscow

Tolstoi train to Moscow

Tolstoi is the only train travelling from Helsinki all the way to Moscow. The train is known for offering excellent services and an authentic Russian night train atmosphere.

Border and customs checks on trains to Russia

  • Border and customs authorities perform the checks conveniently on the train. In the border check, you have to show your passport and visa. Please check the import and export restrictions in the EU on Customs' website before your trip.
  • You can submit a customs declaration on the train if you have goods that must be cleared.
  • Clearance charges to the Russian customs must be paid in Russian RUB, either in cash or with a credit card.

  • Passengers belonging to the same group must primarily travel in the same coach. If your group does not fit in the same coach, there must be a copy of the group visa in each coach with members of the group.
  • Each passenger belonging to the group must also know the coach and seat of the group leader with the original visa.

Directly to the heart of the city

By train, you can travel from Helsinki city centre to the heart of two metropolises: St. Petersburg or Moscow. A train trip produces less emissions than a trip by car or plane.

How about a stay in Vyborg?

You can get off the Allegro train heading to St. Petersburg already in Vyborg. Travel time from Helsinki city centre to Vyborg is only 2.5 hours. How does a day trip, for example, to Vyborg Library designed by Alvar Aalto sound?