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Train tickets


Multi-tickets for both long-distance and VR commuter trains

Always affordably on rails

Do you regularly travel the same route? In that case, a multi-ticket is the best and most economical option for you. Make the most of your train travel time by working or relaxing.

Booking your next multi-ticket journey is easy and fast on this page or in the VR Matkalla app. Just create a user name and log in!

Multi-tickets in the VR Matkalla app

Download the app to buy and easily use multi-tickets

Multi-tickets for both long-distance and commuter trains

Terms of the special offer

Tickets on special offer:

  • Open ticket for long-distance trains with seat in Eko Class.
  • Only new reservations

Sales period:

  • 15 May–14 June 2020

Travel period:

  • 6 months from the purchase date

Sales locations:

  • Special offer tickets can be bought when logged in to the, VR Matkalla app or from our customer service tel. 0600 41 900. Cost: EUR 1.99/answered call + LNC. Service hours: During weekdays 7–20, Sat-Sun 9-19.
  • When you buy an open ticket from the or VR Matkalla app, you must also book a journey in the or VR Matkalla app.
  • When you buy an open ticket from our customer service, you must also book a journey at customer service, on tel. 0800 133 300.

The following groups can receive discounts on special offer prices:

  • Children
  • Students
  • Pensioners

Changes and cancellations:

  • Open tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • However, you can change or cancel a journey you have booked using your multi-ticket for long-distance trains for free up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train when you are signed in to the, VR Matkalla application or calling our customer care.
  • You can upgrade your seat to a seat in Ekstra Class or upstairs of the restaurant car for an additional fee only in the or VR Matkalla application.
  • Services subject to an additional fee, such as a seat in Ekstra Class, are not refunded if you cancel the journey.

Please note:

  • Select a multi-ticket to find open tickets in the or VR Matkalla app
  • Open tickets and booked trips purchased through our customer service will only be delivered by email.
  • The trip must be booked with the open ticket before the train’s scheduled departure.
  • With the open ticket, you can travel on the route of your choice in either direction.
  • Trips cannot be booked through other channels , e.g. website, ticket vending machines or VR’s service points.

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