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Train tickets

Train + bus ticket

Train + bus

If your journey includes both a train connection and a bus connection, you can buy a train + bus ticket. Northern Finland has the largest number of train + bus connections.

Bus routes

Train + bus ticket

You can buy a train + bus ticket for both ways on the following routes:

  • Kolari-Ylläs-Levitunturi
  • Rovaniemi-Kittilä-Levitunturi-Olos-Muonio-Enontekiö-Kilpisjärvi
  • Rovaniemi-Sodankylä-Kiilopää-Saariselkä-Ivalo-Inari
  • Kemijärvi-Pyhätunturi

How do I use the ticket?

The ticket for the train connection is valid for the train service stated on the ticket. You can take the bus connection within one month of the train journey.

Information about tickets

Students, children (4–16 years), pensioners, conscripts and persons undergoing non-military service get a discount on the train + bus ticket. Children aged 0–3 can travel for free and without a designated seat.

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You can buy a train + bus ticket from:

  • Ticket offices at railway stations
  • Our customer service by telephone
  • Tickets bought from our customer service must be picked up from a railway station’s ticket office or an R-kioski.
  • Train + bus tickets only exist as printed tickets.

You can also buy a ticket for the bus connection directly from Matkahuolto.

Train + bus ticket is a basic ticket. Basic tickets are valid for the journey stated on the ticket. You can change your departure date and time before departure at a railway station ticket office or by calling our customer support.

If the journey includes a change of trains, any changes must be made before they journey begins. Note that the route or direction of travel cannot be changed.

Changes to basic tickets are subject to a charge of €5 per change. Changes made via VR Customer Care are further subject to a service charge of €1.

If you change your ticket to a more expensive train service, you need to pay the difference when you make the change. The difference is not refunded when changing to a less expensive train service.

You can cancel your ticket before departure and receive a refund if you bought cancellation insurance when purchasing the ticket.

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