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Continue your journey in a shared electric car

Your handy electric car in Helsinki

Travel more smoothly in the capital region with a shared car. As a train passenger, you can drive GreenMobility electric cars at a discounted price: get up to 14% off driving minute packages! The benefit is valid for the entire GreenMobility service area.

You can get the GreenMobility promo codes from the VR Matkalla app.
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Find the promo codes easily in the VR Matkalla app

  • Open the VR Matkalla app and search for a trip that starts or ends at Helsinki or Pasila station.
  • Buy a train journey as usual.
  • After buying the tickets, go to the app’s home page.
  • Learn more about the electric car benefit via the button at the bottom of the home page.
  • Copy the promo code and download the GreenMobility app to use the benefit.

Download VR Matkalla app

How does the GreenMobility service work?

Logging in and using the promo codes

  • Download the GreenMobility app
  • Sign up for the service – this requires a valid driving licence.
  • Wait for your registration to be confirmed – if needed, call +358 9 424 54754 to instantly access the service.
  • Log in to the service, open the “Account” section and "Coupon". Enter the discount code in the "Coupon" section by pressing the “+” button.
  • Enter the code you got from the VR Matkalla app and confirm - the package is purchased automatically
  • You’re ready to go! The package will be available the next time you need a car.

Starting and ending a trip

  • Open the GreenMobility app and search for an available car near you.
  • Go to the car and press the “Unlock” button.
  • Click! The car doors open and your trip begins.
  • Drive the trip and distance you want – you can also charge your car for free at Helen and Virta charging stations.
  • When you stop driving, find a parking space that is within GreenMobility’s operating zone and where parking is allowed for at least 2 hours.
  • You can also park in a GreenMobility Hotspot, for example in P-Eliel under the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

Hotspot available to you in P-Eliel

Hop in an electric car from station

The switch from train to car is very smooth, as GreenMobility has a Hotspot for cars in P-Eliel right under Helsinki Central Railway Station. A Hotspot makes it easier to park your car as well as find an available car.

Carbon-neutral journeys within and between cities

Even greener together

Together, VR and GreenMobility want to make carbon-neutral mobility easier. By combining travel by train and an electric car, you can help reduce the amount of car traffic in the city, while still enjoying a comfortable journey. Thank you!

Additional information

  • The promo codes are available in the VR Matkalla app.
  • The promo codes are offered to train passengers whose departure or destination station is Helsinki or Pasila.
  • The promo codes are not offered to passengers travelling with a children’s ticket.

The promo codes are not currently available outside the VR Matkalla app or without a bought train journey.

As a VR train passenger, you can get the following GreenMobility packages at a special-offer price:

  • 1-hour package = €12 incl. 25 km (normally €14)
  • 3-hour package = €30 incl. 100 km (normally €35)
  • 1-day package = €65 incl. 300 km (normally €75)
  • 3-day package = €150 incl. 600 km (normally €175)

When you buy a package, it will be activated when you start your next trip in a GreenMobility car. Packages cannot be split to be used in parts. There is no expiration date for using the packages. The packages will be valid until the next time you start using a car.

  • Trips in GreenMobility cars always start within the GreenMobility zone. The zone currently covers the city centre of Helsinki, western Helsinki and part of northern Helsinki. Of VR’s long-distance train stations, Helsinki and Pasila are within the zone.
  • You can always view all available cars in the GreenMobility app’s map view. You can unlock any available car on the spot where the car is parked.
  • Within the zone, there are GreenMobility Hotspots, which are parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility cars. You will also often find available cars in them. P-Eliel, located under Helsinki Central Railway Station, is one of these Hotspots.

  • You can park your car within the GreenMobility zone in any public parking space with a minimum of 2 hours of parking time around the clock.
  • In addition, you can park in GreenMobility Hotspots, which are parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility cars and which also offer charging for electric cars. P-Eliel, located under Helsinki Central Railway Station, is one of these Hotspots.

  • When you start using the car, you can use it freely within Finland’s borders, as long as you return the car to the GreenMobility zone in Helsinki.

  • If you want to park outside the zone, you will still pay for the use of the car. Outside the zone, you must also pay all the parking charges yourself.

  • If you use the car for a longer time than the period of time included in the package, each extra minute will cost you €0.25/min. You will get a text message when your package is about to expire.
  • The length of bought packages cannot be extended during use. However, you can easily buy a new package in the app.

  • If you use more kilometres than what is included in your package, each extra kilometre will cost you €0.25/km. The price of the extra kilometres will be charged directly to your account.

  • You can view the car’s battery level in the GreenMobility app when you start using it. You can also see how much charge you have left when driving. GreenMobility charges its cars as often as possible so that as many cars as possible are fully charged.

  • For cars with a battery level of 10%, we recommend charging the car as soon as possible. You can charge the car for free at Helen and Virta charging stations (Type 2). You can find the charging card in the glove compartment and the charging cable in the boot.

  • You can earn free driving minutes by charging GreenMobility cars.

You can learn more about charging on the GreenMobility website.

  • For an additional fee, you can pre-book a car to a selected location.

  • You can easily make a booking in the “Pre-book a car” section of the app. You must book the car at least 2 hours in advance between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on any day of the week.

  • You can read the terms and conditions as well as the additional information on the GreenMobility website.