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Continue your journey in a shared electric car

Your handy electric car in Helsinki

Travel more smoothly in the capital region with a shared car. As a train passenger, you can drive GreenMobility electric cars at a discounted price: get up to 14% off driving minute packages! The benefit is valid for the entire GreenMobility service area.

You can get the GreenMobility promo codes from the VR Matkalla app.
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Find the promo codes easily in the VR Matkalla app

  • Open the VR Matkalla app and search for a trip that starts or ends at Helsinki, Pasila or Leppävaara station.
  • Buy a train journey as usual.
  • After buying the tickets, go to the app’s home page.
  • Learn more about the electric car benefit via the button at the bottom of the home page.
  • Copy the promo code and download the GreenMobility app to use the benefit.

Download VR Matkalla app

How does the GreenMobility service work?

Logging in and using the promo codes

  • Download the GreenMobility app
  • Sign up for the service – this requires a valid driving licence.
  • Wait for your registration to be confirmed – if needed, call +358 9 424 54754 to instantly access the service.
  • Log in to the app, open the menu on the left upper corner of the app, and go to the section called "Packages"
  • Select "Add promotion code", enter the code you got from the VR Matkalla app and confirm - the package is purchased automatically
  • You’re ready to go! The package will be available the next time you need a car.

Starting and ending a trip

  • Open the GreenMobility app and search for an available car near you.
  • Go to the car and press the “Unlock” button.
  • Click! The car doors open and your trip begins.
  • Drive the trip and distance you want – you can also charge your car for free at Helen and Virta charging stations.
  • When you stop driving, find a parking space that is within GreenMobility’s operating zone and where parking is allowed for at least 2 hours.
  • You can also park in a GreenMobility Hotspot, for example in P-Eliel under the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

Hotspot available to you in P-Eliel

Hop in an electric car from station

The switch from train to car is very smooth, as GreenMobility has a Hotspot for cars in P-Eliel right under Helsinki Central Railway Station. A Hotspot makes it easier to park your car as well as find an available car.

Carbon-neutral journeys within and between cities

Even greener together

Together, VR and GreenMobility want to make carbon-neutral mobility easier. By combining travel by train and an electric car, you can help reduce the amount of car traffic in the city, while still enjoying a comfortable journey. Thank you!

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