Services for business travellers

Business trips by train pass comfortably. You can make good use of the travel time by relaxing or working. Business travellers now have more in-seat power outlets at their disposal and mobile phone signal amplifiers and the mobile phone booth enable you to make to most of your journey.

Station services

Select a station and see what services it has to offer. On the station information pages you find for instance opening hours, connections and station-specific timetables.

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Onboard services

Ekstra class services

In Ekstra class you have more room and therefore better working conditions. The ticket includes coffee or tea.


Pendolino is well suited for business travellers thanks to its speed and a wide variety of amenities.

Pendolino onboard business services

The timetables and excellent services onboard Pendolino trains are ideal for business travellers. Pendolino trains offer first class travel quality and you can make good use of the travel time by working. Most seats have in-seat power outlets and you can also use the mobile phone booth for confidential calls. During the journey you can also utilize the complimentary onboard wireless internet.

The restaurant car offers refreshments and meals during the journey. Ekstra class offers the self service counter with tea and coffee.

When you travel with a group on Pendolino trains you can also hold a meeting in a conference compartment. The conference compartment accommodates seven persons and you can book it for the duration of your journey.

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InterCity trains have a large number of daily services which makes it easy to find a suitable time to travel. Onboard services enable working during the journey.

InterCity train onboard services

There are frequent InterCity train services: in the morning you arrive just in time for your meeting and return home as quickly as possible. InterCity trains offer spacious compartments and many onboard services giving you the opportunity to make the most of your travel time.

There are two types of InterCity trains: double-deck, non-smoking InterCity trains and InterCity trains with some coaches that are double-deck and some single-deck.

InterCity trains have more in-seat power outlets!

All InterCity train Business services are located on the upper deck of the first coach. All Business class seats by a table have in-seat power outlets and the coaches also have air-conditioning, a mobile phone booth and mobile phone signal amplifiers.

Coffee or tea are always included in Ekstra class services. The beverages are available in all InterCity Ekstra compartments at the self service counter.

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Car-carrier trains

The Car-carrier train is a comfortable choice for longer journeys. Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and continue your journey conveniently with your own car.

When embarking on a long journey get the easy CarTrain package. Departure is in the evening and in the morning you continue your journey with your own car feeling rested and refreshed.

You can buy a CarTrain journey as a car + compartment package which includes the train journeys, a sleeping compartment and car transport. You can also have your car transported to your destination in advance.

Read more on ticket prices and car carriage conditions on the CarTrain journey page.

Night and car-carrier train onboard services


Customer service

VR Customer Care
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0600 41 902
(€1.99/answered call + lnc.)

Business and Group Sales
tel. +358 (0)600 19955 (1,99€ +lnc/answered call)
M–F from 8 to 17

Trains to Russia
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€1.99/answered call + lnc.

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