Night services in the commuter traffic area

All commuter tickets are inspected prior to boarding the trains at Helsinki railway station during weekend night services. During the night services (from 23.00 to 04.00), only normally-priced adult and children’s single tickets are sold at Helsinki railway station. Discount tickets, that have been purchased in advance, and season tickets can be used for the night services.


Ticket inspection at Helsinki railway station during weekend night services

The customers’ tickets are inspected at the platform gate from 23.00 onwards at Helsinki railway station on Friday and Saturday evenings. The objective of the ticket inspections is to increase passenger safety.

During the night services, the commuter train platform area is fenced and passengers are instructed to enter the area through the gate. Passengers must present a valid ticket to be allowed to enter the platform area. Passengers can also find self-service card readers for paying with a travel card. We recommend passengers to arrive to the inspection at the gate in time to avoid congestion.

Apart from Helsinki railway station, the trains can be boarded normally during the night services. Tickets can be purchased in the ticketing compartments as normal.


Purchasing tickets at Helsinki railway station during weekend night services

You can purchase the tickets in advance or at a ticket office on the platform area or from ticket machines or you can pay with a travel card.

You can also purchase the HSL area night ticket if you have loaded value, i.e. money, on your travel card.

Passengers travelling in the HSL area can purchase tickets from HSL ticket machines.
You can also purchase a Helsinki internal adult single ticket conveniently as a text message ticket.

The ticket office at Helsinki railway station remains open until the departure of the last night train.

There is a VR ticket machine and two HSL ticket machines next to the ticket office in the platform area. The ticket selection of the VR ticket machine is limited during the night time, but commuter train tickets can be purchased throughout the night.