Car-carrier wagon (Gd)

Basic services

Seating capacity

12 cars: 6 on lower deck and 6 on upper deck


wagon interior equipped with lightning and ventilation

Vehicles accepted for transportation

cars, multi-purpose vehicles, jeeps, vans, light trailers, the following vehicles only on the upper deck: motorcycles and ATVs. Snowmobiles are transported only when loaded onto a trailer.

Maximum dimensions for transportable vehicles

max length 5.05 m including tow hook, max width 2.20 m, max total transport weight 3000 kg, but axle and axle-group weight must be below 2000 kg. Max load height on the lower deck 1.84 m. Upper deck has a curved roof. Maximum load height on the upper deck is 2.04 m for max 1.70 m wide vehicles and 1.84 m for max 2.20 m wide vehicles.


maximum dimensions for trailers: weight 1400 kg, length 5.00 m, width 2.20 m. Maximum load height 1.70–1.90 m depending on the length and width of the trailer and the location of the vehicle space.

Notice on loading

On the right, you can find examples of overly wide vans that cannot be transported. For more information, see the CarTrain Travel ABC.

Block heater and interior heater

power supply for motor heaters (winter only)

(maximum power effect generated by heater for vehicle motor and interior, 2,5kW/vehicle)

Hcc pohjakuva

Express train Eco Class car (Eipt)

Basic services

Seating capacity

46 passengers:
34 in open compartment, 12 in saloon

Seat arrangement

1 + 2

At-seat facilities

service table
adjustable back rest (not in car-end seats)


hat racks

Mobile phone booth

two booths by smoking rooms

In-seat power outlets

2 plugs under fixed-table seats

Coat rack

in open compartment ends and in saloon


in both car ends


Special services

Services for the disabled

seat numbers in Braille

Pet spaces


2 person space with glass partition, available for passengers with pets

Express Eipt

Restaurant car (Rk)

Basic services

Seating capacity

60 passengers



26 seats in the restaurant
14 seats and standing space for 20 at the coffee shop


Other information

Business idea

Golden Wanderer - a journey across Finland

They travel across Finland, usually with our InterCity trains. The Golden Wanderer offers a warm atmosphere with classic Finnish fare such as meatballs, rice-filled Carelian pasties and cinnamon swirls. Come give yourself a treat!

Menu and more information from Avecra.

Express Rk

Conductor's compartment and luggage van (Fots)

Basic services


objects accepted for transportation: luggage, bicycles, prams, pets

Train-crew compartment

conductor`s compartment

Special services

Pet spaces

doghouses for pets

Other information

Line sections

Helsinki-Rovaniemi-Kemijärvi, train number P265

Kemijärvi-Rovaniemi-Helsinki, train number P274

Double-deck sleeping car (Edm)

Basic services


WC for the disabled on lower level with baby care space, passenger shower (operated with a special key card) and toilet on mezzanine floor, toilet and shower in all compartments on upper level

Mobile phone coverage

GSM audibility in entire car



Information monitors

the infomonitors show a service video and station layouts with transport connections

Sleeping compartments

11 compartments on lower and mezzanine floors (3,3,m²), 8 on upper level (4,2m²)


38 berths


Cabin amenities


double compartments, also available as single compartments

Berth size

200 x 75 cm

Compartment accessories on lower level

wash-basin with mirror
liquid soap
1 dl cup of spring water
tip-up seat
multifunctional panel
plug for shaver/hairdryer/charging mobile phone or laptor batteries

Compartment accessories on upper level

in addition to above
toilet and shower in all compartments
full length mirror
bath towel

Berth arrangement

reading light
blanket, blanket cover and pillow

Interconnectible compartments

interconnectible compartments for families or group passengers on lower level; berths 103-106, 107-110 and 111-114

Card locks


Safety net

safety net for children on request when ordering ticket

Compartments with air conditioning


Special services

Services for the disabled

compartment for the disabled on lower floor near exit door, berths 117 and 118

SOS press button
wheelchair fixing point
mechanically operated compartment door
WC for the disabled in vestibule on lower floor

Seats for allergic passengers

berths 101 and 102 on mezzanine floor

Pet spaces

berths 119 and 120 on mezzanine floor


Other information

Line sections


InterCity Edm

Onboard services

Vehicle size

The maximum permissible width of the car is 2.20 m and between the outer perimeters of the car tyres 2 m. Ski box should be included in the height measurement. 

Max. vehicle length is 5,05m including possible hitch

Over-wide/heavy vans cannot be transported in the covered car-carrier wagon. For instance, the following models cannot be transported: Ford Transit (100 T300 and larger), Ford Tourneo Custom, Nissan Primastar, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, VW Transporter (new chassis 7/2003 ->), VW Transporter Long, VW Transporter Caravelle, VW Transporter Multivan, Toyota Proace and Hyundai H1.

The loaded car must fit into the car-carrier wagon so that the driver is able to exit the car easily.

Make sure that your van can be transported by calling VR Customer Care,
tel. 0600 41 900.


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