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On this page, we have brought together our combined social media presence. You can choose from among these services the one that suits you best to get in touch with us! We welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement.
Our customer service can help you in all train related matters on Facebook and Twitter every day. Our customer service is online Monday to Friday 7 to 21, Saturdays 8 to 20, Sundays 9 to 20. With our customer service team, you can also use Swedish or English.


On Facebook, we have two profile pages on which customer service will help you every day.




On Twitter, we have two accounts, in which VRmatkalla customer service representatives will help you daily.

VRuutiset focuses on the news coverage of train services.



Here you will find video footage of train travel. Check it out, you can comment and/or share your own videos!




Information with pictures and atmosphere on rail! Follow and stay on track.




This train blog deals strictly with current issues of train travel. The authors are VR experts in various fields.





You can also keep track of the most important VR Group news via LinkedIn as well. In addition, the site is the first place you can get information on our latest job vacancies.