VR Mobile Instructions

With VR Mobile you can search for train times and buy most long-distance tickets conveniently with your smart phone. Use VR Mobile by a downloadable application or through the phone's browser.

Download VR Mobile application for free from your phone's app store:

  • Windows Phones (e.g. Nokia Lumia) from Windows Phone Store
  • Android phones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy): Google Play store
  • iOS phones (Apple iPhone): Apple App Store

In addition to the application, you can also use VR Mobile through a browser m.vr.fi. The mobile service works best on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Symbian (Anna/Belle) smart phones.


(e.g. Samsung Galaxy): Google Play store



(Apple iPhone): Apple App Store


With VR Mobile you can:

  • search train times
  • buy most long-distance tickets and commuter train tickets for commuter traffic
  • reserve seats when travelling with a multi-ticket
  • buy special offer tickets
  • save favourite trips when logged in as a Veturi customer
  • view traffic bulletins and live train updates
  • search station contact information, services and opening hours

How to search timetables and buy tickets

With VR Mobile you can easily search train timetables and buy long-distance tickets.

  • Run the VR Mobile application or use the service through your smart phone at m.vr.fi.
  • Enter the departure and destination staition, travel date and time. Select the number of passengers and ticket type.
  • On the results page of journey search you get a list of the following departures and the available ticket types. You can also browse earlier and later departures.
  • Continue to ticket purchase by selecting a train service and ticket.
  • When buying long-distance tickets go to seat selection or continue directly to payment. Tickets are sent to your phone and e-mail address via which you can print them.
  • When buying commuter area single tickets you must have the free mobile app in your smart phone (latest version). The ticket is valid for two hours from the moment of purchase and is displayed in the app's My tickets folder immediately after the purchase. Purchase the ticket before boarding the train.
  • Go to seat selection or continue to payment. Tickets are sent as a link to your phone and e-mail address via which you can print them. If you have downloaded VR Mobile application from the app store the tickets you buy will be saved in 'My tickets' folder.
  • Most debit and credit cards are accepted. Pay your tickets via payment operator Verifone's secure mobile payment environment.

Seat booking for multi-tickets

Through VR Mobile you can book seats for multi-tickets.

  • Click on Multi-ticket seat booking
  • Enter the multi-ticket order number or if you are logged in to Veturi select directly the ticket. When you are logged in you can see all your multi-tickets and the remaining seats.
  • You receive a confirmation on the multi-ticket seat booking by e-mail.
  • After booking a seat you can check the number of remaining seats and reserve your tickets for the return trip.

Live train updates and traffic bulletins

With VR Mobile you can easily check on train running information on the basis of train number or station.

  • Click on Is my train on time?
  • Choose, whether you are looking for commuter or long-distance train updates, enter the train number or select a service from the list.
  • After you select the train you can search by station by clicking on the station name.

The station-specific information shows all trains arriving at and departing from the selected station. You can also view station-specific information directly from the main menu by selecting Arrivals and departures.

Information on the running of trains is available also from the traffic bulletins. The traffic bulletins are easily accessible by selecting Traffic bulletins in the main menu.

Services for Veturi customers

Log in with your Veturi username and use the full range of VR Mobile services to make your ticket purchasing even easier. Select Login from the main menu and enter your Veturi customer number and password. If you haven't yet joined Veturi you can do so for free via the mobile service or at vr.fi.

Log into VR Mobile to:

  • add favourite trips. This makes ticket purchasing easier on the subsequent occasions.
  • save seat preferences.
  • get the latest offers and benefits for Veturi members (please note! the offers are available to new members within around 1-2 days from joining Veturi).

After logging into Veturi you can show all* tickets you have purchased in My tickets folder by clicking on the button in the tickets folder (every 10 min.). The tickets are synchorized automatically once per day or when you purchase new tickets via VR Mobile.

* Please note! Not applicable to tickets for services between Finland and Russia, CarTrain packages or commuter services group tickets.

Saving card details

Veturi members can also save debit and credit card details to avoid entering the information every time when paying for tickets.

Save debit and credit card details on your computer at VR.fi. It takes just a few minutes to register your card:

  • Go to vr.fi
  • Click on Login
  • Enter your Veturi customer number and password
  • Select My information
  • Click on Edit
  • Go to Save your debit or credit card information for mobile payments to enter card details. To continue you have to accept the transfer of the information to payment operator Verifone's system.


Station info

Search for station opening hours, services and connecting services easily by selecting Station info in the main menu of the mobile service.