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The new app is your travel companion on commuter and long-distance trains.

In the VR Matkalla app you can buy single tickets to both commuter- and long-distance trains, and choose the seats for your travel company on the coach map. We are constantly adding new features and improvements to the app, and you can read more about them here.

Train tickets in your mobile

VR Matkalla

VR Matkalla is our new app, which we are continuously developing. New features will be introduced, one step at the time. On our page you can read about our new digital sales channels and the latest news on the app.

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VR Mobiili and VR Lähijunat mobile apps

If you are traveling with multi- or season tickets, you can still use the mobile apps VR Mobiili and VR Lähijunat. These are the old apps working alongside the new, until all services and products can be found in the new digital channels.

In the VR Mobiili app you can buy single tickets for long distance trains and book seats for your long distance multi-ticket. In the VR Lähijunat-app you can search for timetables and buy single-, multi- and season tickets for the commuter trains in the directions Lahti and Riihimäki. These are the R-, T-, D- and Z-trains.

Frequently asked questions

How many ticket types can be selected simultaneously?

Three different ticket types can be selected at one time and in total a maximum of 10 passengers.

I travel with my small child in a sleeping car and I'm afraid the child will fall from the berth. What do I do?

The lower (blue sleeping cars) or lower and middle berths (double decker sleeping cars) can be equipped with a safety net so that the child does not fall down from the berth. You can ask for a safety net when purchasing tickets from station ticket offices or by calling VR Customer Care, tel. 0600 41 900.

Are multi-ticket seat bookings shown in My information?

Multi-ticket seat bookings are not shown in My information. Customers receive an e-mail message when booking seats. 

Can I purchase a ticket for my bicycle for a long-distance train?

Bicycle transport on InterCity trains must always be paid (€5) before the trip because of the limited number of bicycle transport spaces. You can take bicycles directly to the luggage van of blue trains and pay the bicycle transport charge to the conductor. However, groups must agree on bicycle transport beforehand.

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