Download the Veturi Card to your phone

As a Veturi member you can download the Veturi card to your phone so you can easily show you are a Veturi member.

With the Veturi Card you can easily take advantage of Veturi benefits on trains and wherever they are available. As a registered customer you can get the Veturi Card free of charge via the VR Mobile or VR Commuter application.

With the Veturi card you can:

  • show you are a Veturi member easily at stations and R-Kiosks

  • get special benefits

  • find your customer information easily

  • demonstrate you are a Veturi member to get special benefits.

The application update also brings you further benefits:

  • searching for journeys is even easier than before

  • menus are clearer

  • improvements have been made to the ticket folder.


Download the application

Windows Phone

(e.g. Nokia Lumia) from Windows Phone Store



(e.g. Samsung Galaxy): Google Play store



(Apple iPhone): Apple App Store


Jump aboard with the Veturi Card!

Get the best offers and other benefits, and make travelling easier. Veturi members are also the first to get the latest VR news.

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