Veturi rules

How to sign up

If you are a private person over 16 years old you can sign up on this website for the Veturi loyalty programme. Anyone over the age of 13 is allowed to create an account in VR’s services on website. Join the programme online. Registration is free of charge. Please note when registering that you can use one e-mail address only once for registration, i.e. one e-mail address cannot be used by several members (e.g. families).

Additional information on the customer agreement



The e-mail address you gave when registering is your user name if you signed up for Veturi after 29 October 2013.

If you signed up for Veturi before 29 October 2013 you may choose between two options:

  • you can continue using your current customer number as your username or
  • change your username to your e-mail address. It's easy to change the username on the My information page by logging in. Please note that once you have changed your e-mail address so it is your username you can no longer reintroduce your customer number as your username. You can change the e-mail address you gave for Veturi at any time and the valid e-mail address will become your Veturi username.


The benefits and how to use them

Information on benefits and events is available at and information on them is sent primarily through e-mail. The benefits are meant only for customers who have signed up for Veturi.


Keep your customer information up to date

When you sign up for Veturi please remember to make sure that your customer information is always up to date. You can easily view and change your information and consents on the My account pages.

Further information on the handling of customer information


E-mail marketing permission

If you give VR the permission to send marketing messages to your e-mail address we will send you an electronic Veturi newsletter in Finnish twice a month. In the newsletters we will share information on VR services, offers and other benefits. In addition, there are a number of draws in which you can participate only via the newsletter.


Mobile marketing permission

If you have also given your permission for VR to send you messages to your mobile phone, we will keep you informed on the issues stated above.


No marketing permission

If you have not given VR the permission to send you marketing messages to your e-mail or mobile phone, we will send you customer service communication such as Veturi newsletters, which contain information on VR’s services, but not, for example, information on offers, prize draws or other benefits.


Right to ban and discontinue Veturi membership

In providing personal information to VR, customers consent to the processing of the information in line with VR Passenger Services' Privacy protection notice and VR's Direct marketing register statement. You can discontinue your Veturi membership at any time by sending a written message to VR Customer Care.

VR has the right to revoke the membership, if the customer has provided materially erroneous or deficient information, materially violated the customer agreement, the service is not used actively in 24 months or for other reasons attributable to the customer due to which it is not reasonable to continue the membership. After the customer has sent the notice of termination or VR has cancelled the agreement the customer will no longer recieve any benefits connected to the customership.