Purchase logged into Veturi and earn travel money!

Veturi travel voucher spring 2018

How would you like to earn travel money by sitting in a train?

The travel voucher campaign for Veturi members is now under way! When you log in with your Veturi user ID and buy VR products from 15 January to 14 March 2018, you can earn a travel voucher for new trips at the end of March. The more you buy when logged in to Veturi, the greater the benefit.

Earn travel money!

You earn travel money when you buy train tickets and additional services with your Veturi user ID. You’ll earn a travel voucher, and its value correlates with the purchases you’ve made during the accrual period. You'll receive the travel voucher by the 23rd of March and can use it till 13 May to buy new train tickets!


Travel vouchers accrue as follows:

  • If your purchase total is EUR 200, you’ll get a travel voucher worth EUR 10.

  • If your purchase total is EUR 500, you’ll get a travel voucher worth EUR 25.

  • If your total comes to EUR 800, you’ll get a travel voucher worth EUR 40!


Log in to Veturi and earn travel money by sitting in a train!

Add students, children, seniors...

Use your Veturi ID always when you are purchasing your train tickets. You can review your ticket purchases once logged in to the Online Shop (note. not VR Mobile nor VR Commuter applications). You can find your tickets by cliking the My tickets button at the top right corner of the page. 


Terms and conditions of the Veturi travel voucher campaign


Already have a travel voucher?

Did you earn a travel voucher in January? Read how to put your travel voucher to use!

Using your Veturi travel voucher


Accrue with you Veturi ID

Remember to always use your Veturi ID when purchasing train tickets. That way you can accrue a travel voucher!