The travel voucher campaign for Veturi members in spring 2018


The train tickets and additional services you bought by logging in as a Veturi member from 15 January to 14 March 2018 entitle you to a travel voucher for new trips in the spring.


You will receive your travel voucher by 23 March, the value of which is determined according to the purchases made during the campaign period. You can use the travel voucher for trips in the spring as it is valid until 13 May!

Read the instructions for using travel vouchers here


Put your travel voucher to use!



Already have a travel voucher?

Did you earn a travel voucher in January? Read how to put your travel voucher to use!

Using your Veturi travel voucher


Accrue with you Veturi ID

Remember to always use your Veturi ID when purchasing train tickets. That way you can accrue a travel voucher!