How to use your Veturi travel voucher

Congratulations for the earned travel vouchers and thank you using your Veturi usernames so enthusiastically. The travel vouchers will be delivered by mid-January to all Veturi members who accrued enough purchases during the campaign.

The travel voucher is in the VR Online Shop waiting to be used for your own tickets. It can also be seen in the Online Shop when your booking has proceeded to payment. Please note that the travel voucher can only be used as a whole once.


Using the travel vouchers

You can use the travel voucher when you pay your train ticket in the VR Online Shop, at station ticket offices or by ringing Customer Care (tel. 0600 41 900 €1.99/answered call + local network charge). Please note that you will not be able to use the travel voucher on VR Mobile.

In the Online Shop

Log in, choose your ticket and proceed to choose the delivery method and payment for the ticket. You will see your travel voucher in the section Select method of payment and can choose your preferred option for paying the ticket with a travel voucher.

At the station or on the telephone

Identify yourself as a Veturi member by giving your Veturi username and say that you have a travel voucher. The customer service advisor will use the travel voucher the way you wish it to be used.


Important to remember

The travel voucher is personal and you are always required to log in as a Veturi customer to use it. Your travel voucher is valid until 31 March 2018.

The voucher is not exchangeable for cash, and no refund will be given. You can pay part of your train ticket or the whole ticket with the travel voucher. The travel voucher can only be used once. Therefore, please note that the whole travel voucher must always be used, and no refund will be given for the possible remaining sum. A ticket purchased using a travel voucher can be changed or cancelled if the ticket terms allow it. If a ticket purchased using a travel voucher is cancelled, the part paid with the travel voucher will be refunded in cash (refunds only at station ticket offices). If the value of a single purchase made using the travel voucher is less than the value of the customer’s travel voucher, the unused part will not be refunded in cash or as a new travel voucher. No compensation will be paid for a travel voucher that has not been collected.


Terms and conditions of the Veturi travel voucher campaign

Earn another travel voucher!

Did you know that you can earn another travel voucher? Log into Veturi 15.1.–14.3. and earn a travel voucher by the end of March!

Earn a travel voucher