Tropics in the city

Stepping into a butterfly garden is like a leap onto the pages of a story book. 

Beneath the glass roof of the butterfly garden you can find the tropics in any season of the year. The Mindo Butterfly Garden on the island of Petrogradski near the centre of St. Petersburg is a place with a fairly-tale quality. 

The visit to the garden is like a plunge into a different world - back to childhood, or to far-away places. Children can see themselves as fairies and princesses in the midst of giant tropical butterflies, and smaller malachites flitting freely around them, and taking a rest on the child's arm or hair. 
Information on butterfly and insect species, such as swallowtail butterflies and malachites can be read on the signs on the walls of the garden. The garden also operates as a romantic venue for dates, and many brides want to be photographed with butterflies circling around them. 
Confronting live butterflies might be too intense an experience for the smallest guests, who still might suffer from a fear of insects.
Tropical butterfly garden Mindo, Ropshinskaya Ulitsa 17. Metro: Chkalovskaya.
Tauria Park butterfly garden, Potemkinskaya ulitsa 2. Metro: Chernyshevskaya.

Why train?

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