Travelling with pets

Owners may transport their pets in trains when traveling with their pet. There are spaces for pets in all trains. Pet spaces can be located with the aid of the dog symbol which is on the outside and inside of the wagon. Pets cannot be transported without a passenger accompanying them.


0 €

On commuter trains 

5 €

On long-distance trains


5 €

On night-train sleeping cars

Most pets have no problem travelling by train. The pet's owner is best able to assess whether their pet can be transported in a train with other pets possibly in the same compartment.

Please note when travelling with a pet:

  • the pet shall be vaccinated and housetrained.
  • Pet owners should bring a water bowl and fresh water for their pet.
  • As the space reserved by pets is by default on the floor many pet owners also bring a mat or cover.

Pets on long-distance trains

On long-distance trains the pet charges are as follows:
  • Fixed pet charge €5/pet.Fixed pet charge €5/pet.
  • Only one pet charge is collected for two pets transported in one box
  • If you want to book a seat for your pet a pet charge and a train ticket with a 50% discount is collected. Please cover the seat you pet travels on.
  • On night train sleeping cars: in a car-end compartment for one group the pet charge is €5.
A new pet charge is not collected when changing trains.
Trains Seats Location Please note!
Pendolino 6 + 1 seat for large dogs Trains 6th car Seats next to pet seats are for owners and persons accompanying the pet owners.
InterCity 13 a spacious open compartment Seats next to pet seats are for owners and persons accompanying the pet owners.
InterCity2 12 intermediate level compartment accessible from the lower deck of the double deck Edb coach  
Express and regional trains

20 + 4  places for large dogs

Pets can also travel on the floor in the conductor's compartment or in a crate.

Pet car The owner shall take care of the pet in the conductor's compartment during the journey.
Night trains in the end compartment of a sleeping-car if the whole end compartment has been reserved   The owner shall take care of the pet in the conductor's compartment during the journey.



With pets on commuter trains

Travel in commuter train pet compartments without additional charge. Travel without additional charge with guide and assistance dogs in all compartments.

Check pet compartment locations in the commuter train floor plan.

With pets on trains to Russia

Passengers may transport at most:

  • two dogs on a leash or
  • two transport boxes or
  • one dog on a leash and one transport box.
Train Pet charge Pet places
Allegro  Allegro has designated seats for passengers travelling with pets. A train ticket including the transport of a pet always costs € 15 more than a 2nd class ticket. Designated seats for passengers travelling with pets
Tolstoi The passenger and pets shall purchase all travel and seat tickets of a compartment. Pets cannot be transported on single berths. A separate ticket is not required for the pet. In 1st class two person sleeping compartments
In 2nd class four person sleeping compartments


The maximum dimensions of the transport box are 60 x 45 x 25 cm. Several animals may be transported in one box.



Allegro™ is a registered trademark.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I take my pet with me onboard trains?

You can take your pets onboard as all trains have a compartment for passengers travelling with pets. Read more on the Transport of pets

How to buy pet tickets online?

First select the ticket and then pet seat as seat preference and the total number of pets. Please note that all pet seats are located in Eco Class.

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