Trains and cars


The Pendolino is a high-speed train operating between major cities. It operates rush-hour services and has fewer stops than the other trains.


InterCity trains offer passengers on business and pleasure trips the possibility to utilize effectively the travel time on journeys between cities and major population centres. InterCity trains have single and double deck cars.

Express train

The express trains are conventional blue-car trains travelling over long distances and between major population centres in south Finland. Together with the InterCity trains, they form VR's basic supply of train services.

Night and car-carrier train

The night trains are a comfortable option to travel overnight through the entire country.  The night trains are composed of sleeping-cars, day cars, a restaurant car and possibly car-carrier wagons.

Regional train

The regional trains offer the passengers VR's basic travel services in the different parts of the network, and they operate connection services for the express trains, InterCity and Pendolino trains. The regional trains have frequent stops.


It is comfortable to travel in an Allegro train. The train is spacious and the interior is timelessly classy and it has a wide variety of onboard services. The onboard staff speak Finnish, Russian and English.


Tolstoi has comfortable sleeping cars and a  separate  highly eguipped  business-car. The train has also a cosy restaurant-car proposing food and drinks prepared in the Russian style.

Commuter trains

VR operates new Flirt commuter trains (Rolling stock company's trains), new low-floor commuter trains and older electric multiple units in Helsinki region commuter services. Services for disabled persons are only in the new trains.


Allegro™ is a registered trademark.