Timetables Finland–Russia

Allegro timetables between Helsinki and St. Petersburg

The Allegro train has four departures per day from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The travel time between Helsinki and St. Petersburg is only 3 and a half hours!

Passport and customs controls are conducted aboard the moving train and the authorities start inspections already after the train's departure from Helsinki or St. Petersburg.


Allegro timetables 28.10.2018–30.3.2019

Times shown are local times. All information subject to change.

Helsinki–St. Petersburg

Station Arrival Departure
Helsinki   6.20
Tikkurila 6.32 6.33
Lahti 7.05 7.07
Kouvola 7.31 7.33
Vainikkala 8.13 8.20
Vyborg 9.41 9.46
St. Petersburg Finljandski 10.47  


Station Arrival Departure
Helsinki   10.00
Tikkurila 10.12 10.13
Lahti 10.45 10.47
Kouvola 11.11 11.13
Vainikkala 11.53 12.00
Vyborg 13.21 13.26
St. Petersburg Finljandski 14.27  


Station Arrival Departure
Helsinki   15.00
Tikkurila 15.12 15.13
Lahti 15.45 15.47
Kouvola 16.11 16.13
Vainikkala 16.53 17.00
Vyborg 18.21 18.26
St. Petersburg Finljandski 19.27  



Station Arrival Departure
Helsinki   19.00
Tikkurila 19.12 19.13
Lahti 19.45 19.47
Kouvola 20.11 20.13
Vainikkala 20.53 21.00
Vyborg 22.21 22.26
St. Petersburg Finljandski 23.27  


St. Petersburg–Helsinki

Station Arrival Departure
St. Petersburg Finljandski   6.40
Vyborg 7.35 7.45
Vainikkala 7.07 7.14
Kouvola 7.53 7.55
Lahti 8.19 8.21
Tikkurila 8.53 8.54
Helsinki 9.07  


Station Arrival Departure
St. Petersburg Finljandski   11.30
Vyborg 12.25 12.35
Vainikkala 11.57 12.04
Kouvola 12.43 12.45
Lahti 13.09 13.11
Tikkurila 13.43 13.44
Helsinki 13.57  


Station Arrival Departure
St. Petersburg Finljandski   15.30
Vyborg 16.25 16.35
Vainikkala 15.57 16.04
Kouvola 16.43 16.45
Lahti 17.09 17.11
Tikkurila 17.43 17.44
Helsinki 17.57  


Station Arrival Departure
St. Petersburg Finljandski   20.30
Vyborg 21.25 21.35
Vainikkala 20.57 21.04
Kouvola 21.43 21.45
Lahti 22.09 22.11
Tikkurila 22.43 22.44
Helsinki 22.57  



Tolstoi timetables between Helsinki and Moscow

Tolstoi has one departure per day from Helsinki and one from Moscow. You can travel easily by the Tolstoi night train to Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Tver and Moscow. Tolstoi operates Mondays to Fridays as well as on Sundays. Tolstoi does not operate on Saturdays, with a few exceptions. Exceptions in Tolstoi's timetables are listed below.


Tolstoi operates additionally:

  • From Moscow every day 21.12.–30.12.2018, 1.–7.1.2019, 26.4.–12.5.2019 and 31.5.–1.9.2019

  • From Helsinki every day 22.12.–30.12.2018, 1.–8.1.2019, 27.4.–13.5.2019 and 1.6.–2.9.2019

Tolstoi will not operate:

  • From neither Moscow or Helsinki on 31.12.2018 and 8.3.2019.

NB. Tolstoi exceptionally operates on Saturday 9.3.2019.


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Check the passport information on your ticket carefully

The conductor will check the validity of the ticket on the basis of passport information entered into the system. The passport information is sent beforehand also to border and customs authorities.
In case incorrect information, e.g. passenger name or date of birth, has been provided, the conductor is entitled to refuse entry to passengers onboard the train.

Travel easy with Allegro

Allegro has four departures per day from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train offers an easy way to travel east and the journey onboard is fast and flexible. We have put together some tips for travelling to St. Petersburg.

See tips to St. Petersburg

Russian timetables

Search timetables of Russian domestic trains in Russian Railways (RZD) timetable search. VR does not guarantee the validity of the information.

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Please note! Do not bring wild boar meat into Finland

African swine fever appears in areas close to the borders of the European Union, particularly in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The disease is not transmitted to human beings, but in spreading to Finland it may endanger the production of Finnish pork.

There is good reason to avoid such hunting trips. All import for gift or souvenir purposes of meat products is prohibited from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Read more about swine fever in the public notice from Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira

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Please note!

When travelling from Vainikkala passengers go through border and customs controls before boarding the train. Therefore individual Allegro passengers must arrive at the station 30 minutes before the train's departure at the latest and passengers part of a group of over 10 persons 40 minutes before the train's departure at the latest.

Passengers travelling on Tolstoi must arrive at the station 40 minutes and passengers travelling in a group 50 minutes before the the train's departure from Vainikkala at the latest.

For passengers to and from Vyborg

Customs checks of passengers boarding / getting off the train at Vyborg take place in the inspection area on the second floor of the station building.

Individual passengers and small groups must take into account that the inspections may take 40 minutes and up to one hour for large groups.