Why do I have to give my contact details when I purchase a ticket more than 50 days in advance?

We need your contact details when you are purchasing a ticket 50 days or more before your journey. This allows us to inform you if there are any changes to your train service.

What changes might there be to my train service?

At the time of purchase, your ticket shows the currently valid train timetable and the number of your seat and car. Changes might occur especially when a journey has been purchased more than 50 days in advance.

  • Track work often causes changes to timetables. The Finnish Transport Agency carries out track work all year round and provides information about these changes 60 days before they happen. When the track work affects your own travel, there may be changes to the timetable or we may be required to replace the train with a bus.

  • Other changes might occur when we adjust the timetables with the timetables of freight trains. Usually these only cause changes of a few minutes.


How can I purchase a train ticket more than 50 days before my journey?

  • You can purchase your ticket in the normal way, and when your journey is more than 50 days later, the online shop requests your e-mail address on the Delivery and payment page.

  • For Veturi members, purchasing a ticket is easier when logged in to Veturi as your contact details are already saved and the online shop fills in the information for you.

  • If you want to pick up your ticket, you will be asked for your contact details when picking it up.


How do I know if there have been changes to my train service?

  • We will send you a new ticket. If you purchased your ticket using your Veturi login, you will receive a new ticket by e-mail or by SMS. If you didn’t purchase your ticket using a Veturi login, you will receive a new ticket by e-mail.

  • As a Veturi member, you will also find your new ticket in your own ticket folder.

  • If the train should change and the rescheduled train does not offer the extra services you purchased, such as an Extra Class seat, you will receive a travel voucher as a refund.


What should I do if the train’s new timetable does not suit me?

  • You can change the ticket for a more suitable one at no extra cost.

  • You can cancel the ticket at no extra cost (even if you did not purchase cancellation insurance)

  • You can make changes and cancellations to tickets through VR Customer Care by telephone on +358 800 166 888 (free of charge) Monday to Sunday, 5 am to 10 pm.

As a Veturi member you can take arrange your travels more conveniently

When you sign in as a Veturi member, you can take care of things quicker. In addition, you will find your ticket easily from the same place in your Own tickets folder. If there are any changes to your ticket, we will inform you about the situation by sending you an e-mail to the address registered in Veturi.